Choosing To Charter A Gulfstream G200 Super Medium Jet

If you are headed to a family get together or corporate meeting and need some quick transportation you should think about the Gulfstream G200 Super medium jet. It’s a mid sized jet with plent of luxury to make your trip comfortable, big seats and a nicely appointed interior that can provide meeting space. This aircraft provides seating for up to 9 passengers and can go 4077 nautical miles, a good choice for long cross country travels or short overseas jumps for a bigger group. There are twin turbo fan engines to propel you safely on your trip, and a cruising speed of 488 miles per hour.

If you charter a Gulfstream G200 you no longer have any of the worries of commercial flights. You don’t have to wait for security, have a tiny seat or struggle to find space for your luggage. It has a full bathroom and galley, and 150 cubic feet of space for your things so you don’t have to worry about that. There is also six feet two inches overhead so the taller folks don’t have to duck down to walk throught the plane. You are in charge of the catering on the trip so you can provide a much better choice for a lot less money, and the seats are big so you are able to relax and spread out in contrast to being cramped on the commercial jet.

The benefits of chartering the Gulfstream G200 do not stop with comfort. These planes can take off and land at thousands of airports nationwide, meaning you can get as close to your destination as possible without worries about car travel once you arrive. Your charter can be ready for you with a few hours’ notice, and will meet you on the runway without the hassles of security checks or waits in the airport lounge, and without long layovers at middle points. You arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to tackle your business or enjoy your personal time.

For business travelers, the comfortable cabin of the Gulfstream G200 is perfect for meetings and conferences en route, which makes transporting your group even more cost-effective. Business travelers will particularly appreciate the cabin conference area with facing seats and room to spread out and conduct business in comfort. Private or family groups will also enjoy the luxury of the Gulfstream G200. Special needs are easily accomodated, and the cabin is designed for a relaxing trip to your destination. The Gulfstream G200 has the facilities for meal and snack preparation on your time, making it easy to accomodate everyone in your family party.

No matter what your needs are for traveling, near or far, the Gulfstream G200 Super medium jet will be a pleasure for your group to fly on. Choosing to charter this jet can solve any travel difficulties a group may experience, taking you in comfort and style to your destination.

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Gulfstream GIVSP: Superior Business Class Jet

The Gulfstream IV-SP, or “GIVSP” has the reputation of being one of the world’s top selling business jets.  The Gulfstream GIVSP has an exemplary record for technical performance in the air, as well as, its reliability.  In fact, the reliability rate on these machines is in excess of 99 percent! Furthermore, the GIVSP has in its laurels 67 different flight records for city-to-city travel.  It’s twin Rolls-Royce engine is responsible for its ability to cruise at speeds of 505 knots!  The Gulfstream’s GIVSP’s range of 4,200 nautical miles and 45,000 feet flying capacity makes getting there all that much quicker. 

As for comfort, the interiors are over 6 ft in height with large roomy cabins that contain both seating and possible sleeping quarters. The Gulfstream GIVSP maintains a constant 6,500 foot cabin pressure and its environmental control system provides passengers with 100% fresh air at all times.  The GIVSP can seat up to 19 passengers and two pilots within its hull, making it highly suitable for business class.

The Gulfstream GIVSP is equipped with the same Honeywell avionics as Gulfstream’s larger classes, giving pilots extra due diligence.  Avionic upgrades include the PlaneDeck system that provides enhanced awareness during times of zero visibility.  Gulfstream’s avionics are so highly regarded that the Gulfstream GIVSP is used to track hurricanes for NOAA. 

The GIVSP is not only a superior business class jet, but it is the perfect jet for medical evacuations.  Many medical flight companies have contracted to GIVSP pilots or charter companies for emergency evacs.

If your company is in the market for an exemplary business class jet then you need look no further than the Gulfstream.  The popularity of these jets makes them fairly quick on and off the market, therefore you may wish to work with a jet broker who can help you find the right GIVSP for you.  Jet brokers will track down planes that fit your requirements and perform all the legwork needed to purchase or lease one of these fine jets.  Companies like L&L International specialize in Gulfstreams and utilize their global contacts to procure, evaluate, and insure jets for their elite clientele

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