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In action to Financial Crisis, this year the state adopted a scale of 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus strategy to benefit lots of markets, the focus for the railways, highways, airports, water conservancy, power, ecological

Environmental defense Urban public facilities and people’s livelihood. Modifications in these policies, the Chinese economy becomes progressively relied on stability, the current commercial pattern of consistent rise has occurred, to re-create more job chances, it likewise brings more

Sell Development in industrial sector will introduce the new period. A great opportunity in this development, the commercial sector, competition still exists, and in lowering costs while increasing performance for all organisation issues. Upgrade the industrial structure, change item direction for many companies

Management The option. Lighting saving money on lowering expense and increasing earnings and minimize expenditure plays an important function. Effective lighting can reduce expenses, make production more smoothly, enhance production efficiency. And commercial energy-efficient lighting has the potential, innovation is fully grown and easy to execute, conserving effect is impressive advantages, such as industrial business within reach of the energy saving mode. Thus became the phase of commercial business in the financial healing to accomplish energy effectiveness upgrades, to achieve cost efficiency and boost competitiveness tool.

Has been working in various markets to promote and develop energy-saving lighting industry Philips Lighting, national policy-oriented focus to the “Green Factory” concept to assist enhance the lighting quality in different markets to supply top quality energy effective products; to care workplace for staff as a starting point for China’s 2009 commercial business countermeasures supplies a brand-new instructions. Sinorama interviewed Philips Asia-Pacific

Lighting, Senior citizen item marketing supervisor Lilian Feng (FoengSugiman) President, paying attention to his Philips “Green Factory” idea in layman’s language analysis, and the effective production of originalities of interpretation.

Lighting increase the efficiency of people-oriented

Quality lighting must be people-oriented, enhance staff productivity. Research study shows that premium lighting can bring a great working environment of workers and the state of mind, minimize tiredness and burnout, in order to successfully enhance work effectiveness and lower errors; and enduring stability in the lighting effects, ensuring undisturbed production, enhancing plant performance, enhance production security conditions, likewise play an important role.

Mr. Li Lianfeng said that in China, Philips has supplied a number of industrial enterprises in energy efficient lighting solutions. For example: TISCO and Anshan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron Mine in the Philips Lighting for the groups of energy-efficient lighting change, Anshan Iron and Steel Mining Group, to change the 13,000 total of the works of Philips lighting, energy-saving effect is extremely significant. In the realization of the

Energy Conserving the very same time, shows the transformation of the employees after the light is very bright, people feel very comfortable working together have higher energy. Preserve a great working environment and mood for the hectic time employees is extremely important, in this light, the employees work more at ease, safety will likewise be stronger defense for the feelings of enjoyment, the work efficiency was to be promoted.

To enhance efficiency, the illumination is fantastic to play a catalytic role? Mr. Li Lianfeng cited a high-quality lighting in the

Cars and truck Detection of the application example. In the automobile company, if a vehicle has actually been shipped to shops, customers discovered the defect then been carried back to spraying, the expense is extremely pricey. The lighting can solve this problem, the workshop can be spotted by light lorries with whether the surface area defects such as spots and bubbles. Car manufacturers together with Philips Lighting

Cooperation Considerably enhance the efficiency of the cars and truck, lighting can be really properly by lowering item defects rate and repetition rate, the improved figures are really worrying. For instance, the original problem rate of 10% set by lighting, it can be decreased to 2%.

Innovation leader in industrial energy-saving lighting technology

Lighting energy intake in the world accounted for 19% of the proportion of industrial energy consumption has to do with 70% of the total energy usage in China due to coal-based energy structure, making the ratio even greater. Mr. Li Lianfeng that today’s lighting innovation are constantly progressing toward a more energy-efficient green direction, they continue to mature lighting technology is assisting to lower commercial energy consumption. In the light side, have been slowly replaced by the extremely efficient metal halide light mercury lamps high energy-consuming lighting items, fluorescent lamps from the original T12, into the current high photosynthetic performance of T8, T5; in the ballast of the past intake of a ballast TV on 40W, while the energy usage these days’s electronic ballasts just 5? 8W. Philips not just take note of lighting, ballasts and other elements of energy, however likewise really concerned about the method the entire system of energy, making lights and other parts to attain the very best coordination, to improve the effectiveness of light output? Better-da bang persimmon Chun Chang?

In the field of industrial lighting, Philips has done a great deal of input to product development. In the commercial enterprises,3-5m of the plant is a low ceiling, in the height, the lighting solution is the most used in fluorescent systems, and now Philips energy-saving innovation to the high ceiling locations. High ceiling is as high as 10m, 12m, 15m and even higher elevation, high-pressure gas discharge lighting system can be used, for example, Philips recently presented Philips CDMElite lighting, Philips has a high luminous performance CDMEliteMW up 120lm/ W, 210W 250W can replace the conventional salt, 315W can replace the 400W salt lamp light, more energy-efficient. And through using effective lighting systems to make more logical distribution of light, can reach more than 30% energy saving result, but likewise considerably reduce the future maintenance, replacement and other costs. Industrial lighting control system is also another piece of magic energy savings, such as in a warehouse, you can pick up there is no operate in the warehouse of the whole light output control, so as to achieve energy saving. Also through such Luxsense, Occuswitch conditioning systems such as sunlight, make complete usage of natural sunlight to manage the output of artificial lighting in the work environment to make sure adequate lighting, while making the system more energy efficient.

In addition, LED lighting, which represents the future trend of the technology will gradually penetrated into commercial lighting. Presently, LED has been used from the initial development of the outdoor to the indoor, such as lighting and workplace lighting stores. LED has actually now gotten in into the commercial lighting, presently on the marketplace have actually been able to see the low ceiling of LED lighting systems, Philips also has such a technology.

In addition to the introduction of ten industrial promo policy,

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Bairui An Electronic Industrial Base Started

September 17, 2009, Bo Ruian electronics industry base in a groundbreaking ceremony was held in the zone. As a digital TV industrial park and the BOE’s first eight-generation LCD project supporting the project, the base will be built for digital television products, BOE five generations of flat-panel display driver components, eight-generation high-definition television products to provide complete product line of core circuitry can be used to communicate , medical, automotive electronics and other high-tech product manufacturing and services. Gou Zhongwen, vice mayor of Beijing, Beijing Economic and Liang, deputy director of Information Commission, the Work Committee for Development Zone, Yang Lin, the CMC director Zhang Boxu attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Bairui An electronics industry base total planned area of 3.3 million square meters, the building of a total investment of 280 million yuan. The first phase is expected to be completed and commissioned in 2010. According to Bo Ruian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Chairman Young introduced the same hing, Bo Ruian with the BOE has been five years history of cooperation is the BOE’s main circuit partners. With the display of the expansion of BOE, Bo Ruian now has in place for 60 million LCD driver circuit board capabilities.

Zhang Boxu in his speech pointed out that the BOE Bairui An electronics industry base is the first of a number of supporting companies launched the construction of a project of great significance, in order to comprehensively promote the digital TV industry development and the eight-generation line of the building opened a good start. Want to seize the Beijing Bairui An industrial park development of digital television excellent opportunity to accelerate pace of the electronics industry base construction, speed up product development put into play an exemplary role as the digital TV industry chain in Beijing’s key enterprises.

Zhang Boxu said the zone will continue to deepen the digital TV industry park of the park planning and industrial planning and support from industry, technological innovation, human resources and financial sectors, to include Bo Ruian compatible with digital TV industry, including business and project location provide a full directional support, increase machine digital television programs and supporting efforts to attract the project, the digital TV industry to develop into a pillar industry and the Beijing Development Zone, a new economic growth point.

Gou Zhongwen pointed out that the building of Beijing Digital TV Industry Park is to promote the Beijing electronic information industrial optimization and upgrading of the important step. The construction of digital TV industrial park will attract enterprises to invest more than 50 billion yuan, the annual output value of the formation of nearly a thousand billion, providing more than 20,000 job opportunities. Bo Ruian must seize this opportunity to work closely with the BOE to conduct technological innovation and improve research and development capabilities, and continuously developed for BOE eight-generation line of products.

Gou Zhongwen affirmed the development zone to promote digital TV industrial park construction efforts. He said the establishment of a special development zone to promote co-ordination group of the digital TV industry park in a scientific and rational layout, and use a variety of policies to attract businesses into the area to attract foreign investors has made remarkable effectiveness. In the future, the development zone should continue to enhance the management level, for the development of digital TV industrial park to create a favorable external environment.

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Wireless Industrial Devices for Aircraft Refueling

Aircraft refueling is a very important part of the aviation industry. It needs a lot of engineering tools and machines to be involved in it. Actually refueling in the air is really a daunting task that needs a lot more attention. Due to the up-gradation of technological field, during these days, lot more of newly invented devices are used in order to perform the refueling tasks of the aircraft. Wireless industrial remotes are also used in the purpose of aircraft refueling. These newly invented aircraft refueling devices are much more effective than the previous machines concerning the fuel delivery of an aircraft.

The new wireless industrial aircraft refueling systems are meant specifically for all the industrial applications that require positive operator to machine contact. The use of these applications is more effective when used as process controls. In these types of remotes, a wireless trigger-switch is generally used in order to send RF command signals to the pump. The operator of these systems is more powerful and they are generally unencumbered by cables as well as wires. These operators are generally used in any special kinds of fuelling operation.

These systems are much more advanced. They also include different new technology such as frequency hopping technology. Frequency hopping technology ensures the interference free control during the refueling. This system allows spread spectrum radio link that prevents any other additional interruption from any other radio devices. While using the wireless systems in process controls, this Aircraft Refueling wireless system can shut down the whole system during any loss of signal.

These industrial refueling systems also include safety timer software to limit the switch enclosure duration before any automatic shutdown of the device. To maintain the receiver ‘on’ condition periodic trigger pulses are required by the operator.

The modern wireless systems are designed with high power frequency operation that includes the frequency range of 902-928MHz FHSS. The transmitter has an output power of 100mW. The 56 bit DES encryption key methods are generally used in order to send transmission. These devices are also included with an internal antenna. However no visible antenna is required. The antenna has a normal power range of 500 feet. You can also get high power range antenna with the devices.

As they are constructed in a rugged weatherproof polymer enclosure, it always ensures the safety of the devices during the aircraft refueling. For getting more flexibility the system is empowered to work smooth in a temperature specification of minus 20F to 185F.

Normal rechargeable Lithium Ion cell is available to control these systems. The battery can work continuously for 30hrs.  The battery can be charged up easily by using normal 12/24 DC charger. The charger is generally supplied with each product. In some modern Aircraft Refueling System, the battery is also available with audible low battery warning as well as flashing LED indicator. These wireless industrial remote controllers are also safe for using in hazardous environment. This increases the popularity of these devices.

There are so many manufacturers today, from where these Aircraft Refueling systems can be obtained very easily. Most of the reputable companies offer warranty and other accessories with their products.

BASE Engineering is a world leader in developing wireless industrial radio remote control technology. We design and manufacture extremely rugged wireless controls for most industrial applications. Our products are available fully epoxy potted with a waterproof rating of IP68 and they are ideal for using for different purposes that includes process controls, industrial petroleum, bulk transport and many more.

Wireless Industrial Remote Control Aircraft Refueling System

Aircraft refueling is also known as air refueling or air-to-air refueling and it is a process of transforming fuel from one aircraft or the tanker to another/ the receiver during the flight. It is an important procedure that helps the aircraft to remain stay in the air longer as well as to extend its range or loiter time on station. Aircraft refueling can also be considered as a means to reduce fuel consumption on long distance flights greater than 3000 nautical miles.

However, as the process is very difficult or rather complex, it is really hard to maintain this total process manually. So, automated aircraft refueling system or using wireless remote controllers to maintain this whole process is always welcome. Nowadays, by using wireless industrial remote control technology, some unique kinds of automated aircraft refueling systems are being manufactured by the manufacturers.

These wireless remote controllers are used widely to refuel aircrafts. These automatic devices are developed specifically for industrial applications that require positive operator-to-machine contact. A wireless trigger-switch is used in these systems in order to send RF command signals to the pump. This Aircraft Refueling Control wireless industrial remote control operating systems unencumbered by cables and wires normally used in ‘deadman’ fueling operations.

One of the chief aspects of these automatic devices is that it allows interference free operation. The system incorporates a secure frequency hopping, spread-spectrum radio link that is virtually immune to outside electrical or RF interference. The spread-spectrum technology, used in these devices, helps the whole system to shutdown during any single loss of signals from the transmitter of the wireless remote controllers.

The transmitter, used in these wireless industrial remote control aircraft refueling systems, is highly powerful. Normally the transmitter power is 100mW with a frequency rate of 902-928MHz FHSS and 433.92MHz, 869.7MHz & 2.4GHz radios are also available. However, the transmitter power varies from system to system. The transmitters are rechargeable and they deliver 30hrs of continuous use between charges. Generally 12/24VDC charger is supplied by the manufacturer.

Another important feature of this automated refueling device is that it is available with ‘Safety Timer’ software in order to limit switch closure duration prior to automatic shut-off. This feature also requires periodic trigger pulse by operator to maintain receiver ‘on’ condition. Many types of Aircraft Automated Refueling Systems are available. The customers can get up to eleven other command functions according to their requirements. It is also available with Modular quick-connect component that allows the system for easy installation and field service. You can also get it with Pre-wired solenoids for your Pneumatic, Hydraulic, or Hose Reel control interface.

The wireless remote controllers refueling systems are included with internal ‘on card’ PCB mounts with normal range up to 500 feet, although, higher power is also available. It is constructed with rugged weatherproof polymer enclosure, ensuring the safety of the systems. Normal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is used to control the system.

BASE Engineering designs unique Wireless Industrial Remote Control Air-Craft Refueling systems. These wireless remote controllers are developed specifically for industrial applications requiring positive operator-to-machine contact.

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