Shopaholics in Entertainment Industry

In addition to examining or purchasing goods and services from retailers, shopping is seen as an effective way for women in the world to relieve stress after a busy workday. As Hollywood celebrities, good appearance greatly contributes to their career successes and fame. Katie Holmes, Britney Spear, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, and Celine Dion are among the biggest names in the world\’s entertainment industry, also best-known as shopaholics or fashion enthusiasts. They are willing to splash out to purchase what they desire. Below is the poll of most famous shopaholics in the world\’s entertainment industry.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton spends about 25-30 hours shopping every week. The party girl dons various costumes in different events


Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham spends up to $ 150,000 per year on her wardrobe. The fashion addict likes matching shoes and handbags in various colors and of famous fashion branches


Britney Spears

The scandal singer reveals that shopping helps her to get rid of boredom. She likes going out and shopping for her favorite labels such as Gucci, Bebe, Armani Exchange and Ramage


Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes, known as the most famous shopaholic, spends most of spare time each day to go shopping. She bought lots of modern clothes for daughter Suri with the worth of $ 3 million


Celine Dion

Celine Dion owns up to 3,000 pairs of shoes in her shoe collection, all of which are stored in a large room


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is not only known for involving in scandals but also a shopping addict in the entertainment industry. Every 20 minutes, she spends about $ 20,000 for shopping, relevant to $ 1 million on clothes and accessories each year


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez loves trying on and buying new outfits, especially shoes and clothes. This is her good advice for those who own charming body curves flattered by beautiful clothes


Sarah Jessica Parker

Like Carry Bradshaw in “Sex and the City”, Sarah Jessica Parker is addicted to shoes with about 100 pairs of shoes costing around $ 300 and $ 1,000/ pair


Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani does not splash out million dollars to purchase expensive outfits, but fashionable second-hand ones. Besides, she loves fashion designer Vivienne Westwood\’s ones


Cameron Diaz

Cameron always wastes her money on never-used outfits, just likes shopping for relaxation and happiness



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Wigs In Entertainment Industry.

Lace wigs are fantastic. They are the wig of choice in the entertainment industry and are worn by style icons such as Beyonce and Tyra Banks. They can range from incredibly expensive, to incredibly inexpensive. The difference is the quality of hair. There are various different types of hair, notably we have remy hair, (which is the finest), there is horse hair and synthetic hair, and finally there is processed hair, which is a mix of low-quality, chemically treated human hair, with synthetic and various animal hairs added to lower the price. You have to be extremely careful when selecting hair, purely because a lace wig with processed hair would not last as long as a wig with remy hair. It is often hair that has been illegally obtained which is of the lowest quality because those that steal the hair are not interested in maintaining it; they are simply interested in making a little bit of quick cash. Remy hair is of the highest quality, and virgin hair has never been chemically treated (I.e. it has never been permed or coloured) which makes it even more sought after. The outer layer of a strand of remy hair holds all the cuticles, and when these are all in the same direction, the hair is able to emit a natural shine, reflecting light. This is the type of hair that everyone wants, be it a wig or your own natural hair, this hair is hard to come by.
Remy hair, generally speaking, comes in Indian hair, Chinese hair and Brazilian hair, the Brazilian hair being the most popular. This is because the biggest market in the wig industry is African-Caribbean women, and Brazilian hair is best suited to their natural look. The wigs are available naturally straight or naturally curled, so there is no need to style them. However, if you wanted to style the wigs, you could do there is no reason that the wigs can be looked upon any differently than natural hair.
The bestselling wigs are the lace front wigs. This is purely because they are long-lasting, natural looking and durable. Whole lace wigs are available, but they are fairly useless as they are prone to tearing and ripping after a few wears. Lace front wigs can last up to two years. If youre interested in purchasing a lace wig, then you want a lace wig that is the best value for money and the lace front wig does just that. It looks as natural as the whole Lace wig but lasts a whole lot longer!
There are wigs from all over the world, as previously stated, therefore anyone can buy one! There will, without a doubt, be at least one type of wig which will suit you. There are also wigs made of European hair, and if youve had black hair all your life (which is a nightmare to colour without bleach), you could be transformed into a gorgeous blonde in an instant.

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How Are Rising Oil Prices Affecting the Airline Industry

In America, we have a desire for big cars and even bigger homes.  In the recent past, many rarely wrestle with the cost of running these items . . . . but all of that is changing.  The energy we use is now more expensive than ever.

There’s no other way to say it:  Americans are energy pigs.

I am, you are, we all are.  Compared to the rest of the world we consume tremendous amounts of oil.  On a per capita basis we consume twice what the Britons, Germans, and French consume.  Amazingly, we eat up more than 13 times the oil when compared to the Chinese.

According to the Wall Street Journal, America consumes more than a quarter of all oil produced in the world!  One out of every 4 barrels.  This level of consumption is a problem.  Just a few days ago oil traded for the first time over $ 100 per barrel.  It was the trade heard round the world, so to speak.

The fear is that the price will continue to rise beyond $ 100.  In the late 1970s and early 1980s America was hit with high oil prices. . . adjusted for inflation it peaked at $ 102.81 in April of 1980.  That was a time of tremendous economic turmoil.

OK, enough statistics, what does this all mean?

For one thing, the phrase “this time it is different” really rings true. Record oil prices in the early 1980s were caused by political turmoil and OPEC . . . today it is being driven by something entirely different, demand.

India and China are growing rapidly.  Their exploding middle class is hungry for a better lifestyle.  One that includes buying automobiles and using consumer goods like plastics that are made from oil.  Couple this new demand with already sky high consumption in the US and growth in Europe and we have a problem.  Demand that far outstrips supply.

This demand for oil is not going away.  If anything, it will get worse.  All it will take is some turmoil in Venezuela or another oil producing country and you have a recipe for oil at $ 200. 

Some will suffer from high oil prices more than others.  Some experts point to the automobile industry as one that will suffer the most.  No doubt they will be impacted, but I think the airline industry is headed for much worse.

Alternative power sources for cars are available, though not widespread. They can be run on bio-diesel, ethanol, or battery power.  Cars have also been run on solar power, flywheels, and even fuel cells.

You can’t run a Boeing 747 aircraft on any of these.

The airline industry is tied to the price of jet fuel and higher oil prices means higher jet fuel prices.  The airlines are already suffering.  United Airlines (UAL) announced today an increase in domestic fares by $ 10 each way to offset rising fuel prices.

Some industry insiders believe that this is only the first round of price increases.  Amazingly, the only major airline that focuses on hedging its fuel needs is Southwest Airlines (LUV), and their hedges are expiring.  The rest of the industry (and LUV very soon) continues to operate with significant exposure to oil prices.

If the economy slows, as many experts predict, demand from consumers for flights will fall.  The rising costs of fuel and the falling demand from consumers will result in big losses for the airlines.  Last year was a terrible one for the airlines, but I’m not convinced this is the bottom.

To profit from this mess, I would look to eliminate any holdings you may have in the airline industry.  Those with a more aggressive approach could look to buy puts on some of the larger domestic airlines such as United (UAL) or Delta (DAL).

Brian Mikes is the editor of the Dynamic Wealth Report, a free investment newsletter that offers investment ideas and news you can’t get from the mainstream investment press. Brian and his team bring decades of Wall Street and Silicon Valley experience to help you discover profitable trading ideas you can use today.

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Water Filter Is Mainly Used For Water Purification Purposes – Filtration And Separation Industry

Water Filter The working principle and advantages Water filters The main features of Ming Yuen Cade filtering equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd., filter backwash filter capacity, high flow: large-scale use of coal and the current high flow “straight through” filters, because of structural constraints, the maximum flow can to 380L/min, the filter or the more up 800L/min. Automatic filters, filters, full integrated water processor electronic descaling, backwash filters with high precision: automatic self-cleaning filter backwash filter cartridge containing two or more groups, a large flow area , the original pressure loss can be achieved high-volume, high-precision filter (25m, 40m), conventional filters are difficult to achieve. Filter backwash quantify the degree of pollution: the filter in the liquid into the mouth end of Pi, Po outflow port side can be equipped with pressure gauge K1, K2, P = K1-K2 of the pressure the size of the quantitative response of the filter contaminated level, easy to keep clean, no second feature of traditional filters. Filter backwash filter backwash line: the filter by rotating the handle to achieve the filter backwash line (Instant clean 2 to 3 seconds, a very small amount of liquid discharged from the system), automatic filter, filters, whole integrated water processor, electronic descaling, a fundamental solution to the traditional “tube” filter shortcomings, greatly reducing the maintenance time, thereby extending equipment life, increase productivity. Water filters Product Overview HJ-type recoil emission filters suitable for various water supply systems, water systems and industrial process cooling water systems, particularly 24-hour continuous operation without stopping the machine system, filtered water can be a variety of mechanical impurities, to ensure the system equipment safe and reliable operation. Features recoil sewage filter 1. Filtration precision: precision of a wide range of filter, d = 0.5 ~ 1.2mm; 2. Life is long: from the wedge-shaped strips of stainless steel and quality carbon steel tube filter component; 3. Comprehensive cost Low: Ming-source Cade filtering equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. without removal and replacement of filters, the service life of 20 years; 4. simple and efficient: no access bypass, no need to disassemble, clean, fully automatic self-cleaning filter Filter recoil effect is good. Automatic filters, filters, full integrated water processor electronic descaling, backwash filter sewage works HJ-type recoil usually high-quality carbon steel filter tube, the special structure of the stainless steel wedge filter, flow direction valve and discharge devices, such as user specific requirements can also be made of stainless steel structure. When the filter work, flow direction valve is turned on, water from the entrance into the filter, through the filter to the exit. When the filter needs sewage, close the water flow direction valve, open the discharge valve, water flow through the filter into the inside part of the flow into the system by the export of the remaining water from the filter into the outer half of the inside of mouth through the sewage discharge , played the role of reverse automatic washing filter. This flushing process the system running without downtime. Practice shows that although the filter backwash into more than one-off “management style” filter higher, but the operation is simple, no need to replace the filter after experiencing pollution can be completed within 15 seconds of cleaning a filter support. The filter backwash is not installed on the bracket in the event of blockage, the automatic filter, filter, full integrated water processor electronic descaling, only to replace the filter, each consuming 15 to 30 minutes, and easily secondary pollution. Long-term economic benefits, the latter than the former high. Therefore, a higher degree of automation, use clean filter with filter, self cleaning, closing with the functions of filter backwash is necessary. Water filters Features: a Water filters With multiple cartridge filter, the effective filter area, pressure loss. Design filter area of import and export area of 3 to 5 times. b. Water filters Maintenance, and easy maintenance: Set maintenance man hole, cartridge loading and unloading easy, backwash filter c. Water filters Filter Multi-cartridge filter, cartridge cleaning the structure one by one, uninterrupted water supply during cleaning. d. Water filters Process control: according to the user the situation on the need to set the parameters of the system. e. Water filters Advanced control system: control system, high accuracy and can adjust their work according to different quality mode and run the state, to enhance its ability to meet the water quality. f. Water filters

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Hefei: Information Appliance Industry “beyond The Corner” – Boe, Hefei Sanyo – Hc Network

In the first half, the city has bucked the market trend information appliance industry in the international
The context of the crisis shows “beyond the corner,” momentum, industrial output value 25.4 billion, up nearly 70%.
, Washing machines, color TV, air-conditioning output of the four major home appliances in the first half reached 6.79 million units, respectively, 412 million, 149 million and 322 million units. Industrial Output in the city Top 20 list, the household electrical appliance enterprises that occupy six seats.

Positive trend is also not limited to growth in the real economy figures, Hefei, in the introduction of flat panel displays generous frequent investments, the coveted “flat capital” has become within reach this year. April 13, a total investment of 175 billion
Hefei 6 Line officially broke ground. Plans to put into the fourth quarter of next year’s panel project is finished
Revenue more than 12 billion yuan, 1500mm 1850mm glass substrates monthly production will reach about 90,000. Hefei invested 2 billion yuan from Hitachi introduced the domestic second plasma panel production line, and carry the Hitachi Plasma 30 years of technology accumulation and technical team, while patent license to build a annual capacity of 1.5 million plasma panel production line, product specifications covering 42-inch, 50 inch, 60-inch, 85 inch mainstream future large size, started construction in August this year, in March 2011 formally put into production, is expected to boost annual output value of the upstream and downstream industry chain add 10 billion yuan. The total investment of 100 billion Hefei High-generation TFT-Rainbow
Glass substrate production line has also been in Hefei finalized, will eventually form a 10 TFT-LCD5 behalf and 6 on behalf of the above glass substrate production line, which projects an investment 3.7 billion yuan, building two 5th generation, four 6th generation glass substrate production line , put into annual output 2.1 billion project started construction in November this year, by the end of March 2012 before the full production.

Information industry as “Gongyelishi” major relying

The series of “wonderful”, metamorphosis, first in Hefei to the development of electronic information industry has been its “Gongyelishi” of the main support, the development of information appliances will be an important source of growth as the economy. Major investment in the above issues, the main municipal government leadership and the leadership of provincial authorities put a great deal of energy. Second, grasp the “
Bringing home appliances
“And a series of national, provincial capital growth policy, seize the domestic market, timely adjustment of product structure, ultimately made the whole home appliance sales bucked the market trend. Third, some of the key enterprises in investment, played an important stimulating role. On six months, the U.S. company, Hefei
, Meiling shares, Hefei Haier, Gree and other home appliances leading enterprises, total output value of 23.2 billion yuan, up 92.7%. Among them, 5,6 consecutive Hefei Haier create the highest monthly level since the park; Gree air conditioning monthly production capacity to enlarge, just put into operation in September last year to 7 million units in June this year to 66 million. Fourth, the government under the international financial crisis, business has increased assistance, and achieved remarkable results.
Increase the production and marketing efforts to increase
new economic growth point

Industry analysis, in the second half and even for some time, the rapid development of information appliances Hefei trend will continue. First, the international financial crisis has accelerated the transfer of electronic information industry, and the transfer of Hefei in the undertaking industry has a unique advantage. Hefei as the center, 500 km radius, is the spending power of the strongest markets, this advantage for all types of fertilizer development enterprises to a broad market space. Hefei convenient transportation, Hefei to Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan high-speed railway have been opened. In addition, Hefei is the national scientific and technological innovation pilot cities, with the representative of China University of Technology for 59 institutions of higher learning, 48 million college students to the CAS Hefei Institutes of material represented by the innovative research institutes are more than 200, professional and technical personnel of 30 million people, these are for new industrial development laid a solid foundation. Second, Hefei Municipal Government timely raised “Gongyelishi” banner, and by a strong infrastructure to promote the “big building”, to quickly enhance the city’s comprehensive capacity and radiation driving force to meet the information appliance manufacturers to this business make Hefei quickly became a gathering place for information appliance manufacturers. Third, the provincial government recently introduced the “Electronic Information Industry in Anhui Province restructuring and revitalization plan” will be the development of information appliances, and a new flat panel display as a development priority.

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