Chartering A Learjet 45/XR Medium Jet

A famous company for aircraft was started by William P. Learn in the 1950s providing fantastic planes, the LearJet 45 being the latest incarnation. These jets have always been famous for their incredible performance numbers but there history for passengers leaves them cramped and with a lot of noise. In addition due to the “straight pipe” turbojets the fuel efficiency wasn’t very good.

Now, that has changed as this new Learjet 45 leads everyone in both the luxury and performance quotient. Honeywell has created the new engine specifically for this jet, two FADEC-controlled TFE731-20 high bypass engines, each producing 3500 lbs of thrust. Plenty of power now but minus theold straight turbojet high fuel consumption and the noise. It’s cruise speed is 457 knots, or 525 miles per hour, delivering you quickly anywhere in the country you wish to be, maximum speed is 464 knots.

The Learjet 45 can climb at a fantastic rate, the beginning rate of climb is 4000 fpm at normal takeoff weights, taking you above the haze quickly and on up to the more fuel saving flight levels. It’s capable of going 2120 nauticl miles with a ceiling of 51,000 feet. It has vertical winglets to help the jet’s high AoA handling and stall traits at the lower speeds. With full fuel the maximum payload weight is just over 1100 pounds.

The Learjet 45 has a cockpit with a Honeywell four screen Primus 1000 EFIS avionics system. Also included as standard equipment are many safety features, a Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II), Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), as well as certified GPS. Seating capacity is eight passengers or it can squeeze nine if the lavatory is include, it counts as a certified seat.

The Learjet 45 has an exceptional cabin where you can really stretch your legs, it has the longest cabin in it’s class. It offers a private lavatory with sink and lit mirror, leather seats, huge baggage storage, electrical power outlets, digital phone and modem, the Airshow 400 inflight information system, stereo CD and an air conditioning system that can operate while you are still on the tarmac. This luxury and performance doesn’t come cheaply, it will generally be $ 2500 to $ 3500 per hour, a good investment for your time.

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Make The Hawker 800XP Medium Jet Your Choice For Charter

The Hawker 800XP medium jet is typically in the fleet selection of most jet charter businesses due to the jets efficiency and advantages. This jet is perfect for groups between five and eight people. There are private attendants provided by some companies, while other businesses don’t have the private attendant in order to reduce costs. Just use a online search engine to find a charter business who offers this jet.

Always ask the charter company for the safety and maintenance records to make sure everything is in order before you sign up. Charter companies around the world often can get the Hawker 800XP jet on shorter notice than other choices. This jet is often the choice of business people on business trips and vacationing groups who are trying to get away from commercial airline prices.

The 800XP is a successor to the Hawker 800 so it has upgrades and more features added. The cabin is good size seating nine or less, it feels more spacious if there are eight or less, this gives maximum seating comfort. The seats are arranged by four club seats, a single seat, and then a side facing divan seating three. The seats are very comfortable, made of leather and very padded, and have much space in between the seats for comfort space. Near the seating accommodations are large tables so you can use these as a dining area or a desk.

Featuring one of the largest cabin spaces of jets in its class, the Hawker 800XP also has ample storage cabinets for quick access of baggage that travelers prefer to keep accessible during the flight; pull-out drawers are also available under each seat and additional space is located in the back. When coupled with the cabin storage, the total storage capacity in the Hawker 800XP is 45 cubic feet.

Included in the Hawker 800XP is a spacious lavatory with a belted seat. For travelers who prefer in-flight entertainment, there is a media display system with CD/DVD and 2 or more LCD display panels in the cabin. An Aircell phone system has also been installed in this model for convenient communication. Located in the cabin are 3 110 VAC outlets for passengers who require a power source during traveling. Also found on board are a coffee-maker and microwave. With a range of 2,800 st.m and a speed of 500 mph, the Hawker 800XP is able to handle distances and short trips with ease, speed and efficiency.

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Choosing To Charter A Gulfstream G200 Super Medium Jet

If you are headed to a family get together or corporate meeting and need some quick transportation you should think about the Gulfstream G200 Super medium jet. It’s a mid sized jet with plent of luxury to make your trip comfortable, big seats and a nicely appointed interior that can provide meeting space. This aircraft provides seating for up to 9 passengers and can go 4077 nautical miles, a good choice for long cross country travels or short overseas jumps for a bigger group. There are twin turbo fan engines to propel you safely on your trip, and a cruising speed of 488 miles per hour.

If you charter a Gulfstream G200 you no longer have any of the worries of commercial flights. You don’t have to wait for security, have a tiny seat or struggle to find space for your luggage. It has a full bathroom and galley, and 150 cubic feet of space for your things so you don’t have to worry about that. There is also six feet two inches overhead so the taller folks don’t have to duck down to walk throught the plane. You are in charge of the catering on the trip so you can provide a much better choice for a lot less money, and the seats are big so you are able to relax and spread out in contrast to being cramped on the commercial jet.

The benefits of chartering the Gulfstream G200 do not stop with comfort. These planes can take off and land at thousands of airports nationwide, meaning you can get as close to your destination as possible without worries about car travel once you arrive. Your charter can be ready for you with a few hours’ notice, and will meet you on the runway without the hassles of security checks or waits in the airport lounge, and without long layovers at middle points. You arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to tackle your business or enjoy your personal time.

For business travelers, the comfortable cabin of the Gulfstream G200 is perfect for meetings and conferences en route, which makes transporting your group even more cost-effective. Business travelers will particularly appreciate the cabin conference area with facing seats and room to spread out and conduct business in comfort. Private or family groups will also enjoy the luxury of the Gulfstream G200. Special needs are easily accomodated, and the cabin is designed for a relaxing trip to your destination. The Gulfstream G200 has the facilities for meal and snack preparation on your time, making it easy to accomodate everyone in your family party.

No matter what your needs are for traveling, near or far, the Gulfstream G200 Super medium jet will be a pleasure for your group to fly on. Choosing to charter this jet can solve any travel difficulties a group may experience, taking you in comfort and style to your destination.

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