The Military Application of U.S. directed at outer space

U.S. Navy in a recent test, the speed of electromagnetic rail guns to 5 times the speed of sound high over the speed of sound, and hit the target to 200 kilometers, with a range of conventional weapons for the Navy 10 times, and the destructive power of amazing. The experiment in Dahlgren, Virginia, on the ground operations center, resulting in a record 33 million joules of energy. U.S. military spokesman said the strong currents generated by the kinetic energy guns, shells will be re-accelerate to 3 kg per second, 2.5 km, the biggest problem now is to create a new power plant is equipped with warships. Through this test, the U.S. research and development of high-powered weapons – Electromagnetic Rail Gun a further step to success. U.S. military targets measured in 8 years at sea, and in 2025 formally with the warship.

U.S. short-term application of electromagnetic rail gun is mainly reflected in the low-altitude short-range tactical ballistic missile defense and air defense, and its application will greatly enhance the tactical anti-missile capability. Currently, the use of traditional principles of anti-missile defense system can not effectively in the boost phase of flight intercept tactical ballistic missiles, tactical ballistic missiles mainly because of the typical boost phase flight time is 50-150 seconds. To achieve the boost phase intercept defense systems to detect emission from the reaction time generally not exceeding 10-20 seconds, which is almost impossible for traditional defense systems to do so. Electromagnetic rail gun’s muzzle velocity is an important feature fast. Assume that the initial velocity of the projectile can reach 4 km / s, projectile flight 30-130 seconds, if the atmospheric drag and the bending caused by the flight path from the loss of a projectile by the target missile flight and greet to get compensated, it generally can be blocked 120-520 km at a distance is still in boost phase launched tactical ballistic missiles. Boost phase anti-missile warheads to be used controlled by the need to address resistance to impact load, high-speed search the last paragraph, the failure mechanism and other issues. U.S. reserves of this technology, perhaps in the early 21st century to form anti-missile boost phase of the electromagnetic rail gun presentation skills. Except for its boost phase missile defense, it can also attack the missile launchers and the like ground targets.

Electromagnetic rail gun for the low-altitude short-range air defense, to be used controlled electromagnetic rail gun emission-free electric gun firing projectiles or controlled warheads. Intercept the target, including a variety of tactical missiles and other aircraft. Studies show that uncontrolled projectile hit probability remains the same in the premise, in order to increase the interception distance, the most effective way is to increase the projectile velocity, projectile mass rather than increase, the requirements on the export of kinetic energy decreased. Therefore, the use of low-level uncontrolled projectiles were short-range air defense, the general use of the electromagnetic rail gun with high muzzle velocity and quality of small, small body weight alloy long rod projectile. No control for low-altitude short-range anti-aircraft projectiles, no more than 5 kilometers from the interceptor, projectile muzzle velocity of 3-4 km / s, projectile mass of about 100 grams, less than a 10-20 bursts hair.

Electromagnetic rail gun is not in the launch of flame and smoke, do not produce shock waves, can not easily be discovered by the enemy. In addition, electromagnetic rail guns can be deployed in areas far from the main battlefield. As head of Naval Research Carl said: “The Navy can launch at least 200 km away from shells, so that sailors away from danger.” In addition, only the emission of electromagnetic rail gun projectile, eliminating the need for artillery shells and gunpowder, to reduce the cost and pollution. It does not require strong ignition barrel and complex organizations, there are no “bore bombing” of the danger. In addition, the nature and range of the target can be quickly adjusted the length of the size of the electromagnetic force to control the emission energy of the projectile. General gun range is only 20 kilometers, but the accuracy is poor, although the effective range of cruise missiles over 300 kilometers, but they are expensive, but a ship can only carry 70, as not working at sea, added must also be returned to port. Zeyi long range electromagnetic rail gun, low cost, convenient transportation, and added a number of advantages such as high hopes for the U.S. Department of Defense. Electromagnetic rail gun was even after 2020, the U.S. Army as the main weapons the Army tank program of candidate technologies.

According to U.S. media reports, the Navy plans to achieve during the year 2020-2025 megajoule electromagnetic rail gun 64 initial energy. According to Russian media reports, the U.S. Navy has plans on the DDG-1000 destroyer equipped with the electromagnetic rail gun. The ship-borne electromagnetic rail gun than with all-weather, GPS, precision firepower and long saturation capacity, it also helps to improve the Ship Survivability, since ships do not need ammunition, to simplify and optimize the ship structure provided the opportunity. The future, as the development of electromagnetic launch technology, gun muzzle in the general installation of electromagnetic acceleration system, can greatly enhance the range of artillery, so that the electromagnetic rail gun is expected to equip artillery.

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Moroccan Military Air Crash: 78 Dead and 3 Seriously Wounded

On 26 July, a Moroccan military transport plane crash into a mountain in the south of the country, causing 78 dead and only 3 alive but seriously injured. The C-130 was struck into the mountain at around 9 am (08:00 GMT) while attempting to land at an air base destination, about 10km to the east Guelmim.

A Hercules C-130 aircraft had an accident when trying to land in Guelmim near the Western Sahara territory. This crash is considered the worst air disaster in Morocco for years since 1973. At that year, there were an amount of 105 people left their life after a Royal Air Maroc aircraft crash near the capital Rabat. Bad weather condition was told to be the cause of the accident. A resident said that the dense fog phenomenon occurred at the time the plane crashed. According to news, a total of 81 people including 60 soldiers, 12 civilians and nine crew members were reported on the way at the time of the crash. The bodies of 41 people found and the remains’ searching work is going on. Moroccan King Mohammed VI declared three days of national mourning and asked to conduct prayers in memory of the unlucky victims of all the churches on Friday, 29 July.

The horrible scene of Moroccan military air crash when trying to land in Guelmim near the Western Sahara territory on Tuesday, 26 July

It is estimated that 78 people were killed and three survivors were in seriously injured condition

The Hercules C-130 aircraft was struck into hundreds of small wreckages

The Morocco air crash is said to be the worst known air disaster in this country for years

Rescuers are moving the unlucky away the accident field on 26 July


The plane hit at about 10km to the east Guelmim. Mohammed VI declared three days of national mourning with prayers in memory of the victims of all the churches on Friday, 29 July


A Hercules C-130 aircraft, similar to the crashed air


Moroccan Military Air Crash: 78 Dead and 3 Seriously Wounded


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Aircraft Modification – A310 Military Conversions

As any aircraft is superseded, military conversions can significantly extend their useful lives.

A number of air forces acquired the Airbus A310 as VIP aircraft and troop and/or freight transports. The only one to buy a brand new aircraft was the Royal Thai Air Force, which took delivery of a VIP-configured A310-300 for use by the Royal Flight on 5 November 1991. The Canadian Forces boosted their strategic airlift capability with five ex-Wardair/Canadian Airlines International A310s in 1992/93. Redesignated CC-150 Polaris, the five aircraft were delivered in a 194-seat passenger configuration, but four were subsequently converted by Sogerma in Bordeaux to a passenger/cargo combi layout. This required some 100,000 engineering and production hours, which included a new main deck cargo door, fuselage and flooring reinforcement, a cargo loading system, and a removable bulkhead and smoke curtain to separate cargo and troops. The fifth aircraft remains in a VIP layout. All are operated by 437 Squadron at 8 Wing, Trenton, Ontario, and are used to re-supply Canadian Forces personnel across the world.

Germany’s Luftwaffe operates seven CF6-80C2A2-powered A310-300s and is seeking to acquire two more, to bolster its long-range fleet in the face of increasing logistics demands. The creation of a rapid reaction force, a rise in humanitarian operations, and the new tactical training unit in Mexico, are all making additional demands on its resources. Two A310s replaced two Boeing 707s at the end of 1999, and two of the existing A310s were modified to tanker transports in 2003. The Luftwaffe acquired its first three aircraft in May 1991 when the former East Germany carrier Interflug ceased operations, and further enlarged its fleet between November 1996 and November 1998 with four ex-Lufthansa machines. Five are operated in VIP configuration, and two as passenger/cargo combi aircraft.

Two A310-300s are flown by Transport Squadron 3/60 of the French Air Force (Armee de 1’Air) out of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Both have 180 minutes ETOPS (Extended Range Twin Operations) and are used primarily as VIP transports. The A310s were bought from Royal Jordanian in November 1993. The Belgian Air Force obtained two secondhand A310-200s from Singapore Airlines in September 1997 and April 1998, also for use as VIP transports. The Pratt & Whitney-powered aircraft are operated by 21 Squadron on military and government transport duties, as well as international relief flights.

Multi-role aircraft conversions.

With the order book for the A310 diminishing and tailing off, Airbus Industrie is hoping that a more determined incursion into the military market will provide a lifeline for the A310. Recognising that reduced defence spending will demand future multi-role aircraft, which are capable of simultaneously carrying out air-to-air refuelling (AAR) and transport operations, Airbus is offering the A310 in MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker Transport) configuration. With the KC-135 in particular nearing the end of its useful life, the demand for replacement tankers will undoubtedly accelerate, and derivatives of

current wide-body aircraft will offer a more cost-effective solution than building a dedicated aircraft from scratch. In addition to offering greater refuelling capacity than earlier airliners, the A310 would also have an advantage in operating costs and longer airframe life. At a price tag in the region of US $ 30m for a modified second-hand machine, such an aircraft should prove attractive to potential customers. Australia, Canada and Germany are all believed to be in the market for such an aircraft. Studies have indicated a potential market for 100 military tanker/transport aircraft by 2010, of which half are expected to be MRTTs. A demonstrator was produced by the conversion of a former airline A310-300 (N816PA), which undertook compatibility trials with Royal Air Force aircraft in 1995. No orders had been placed by September 1999.

The A310 MRTT can be converted from existing models or can be new-build aircraft.

Aircraft structural modifications? has lots of resources for the aerospace industry. The web is a vast source of information. Aviation-database collects the industry into one huge database of contacts. Marshall Aerospace military aircraft support and aircraft modification and ATC Lasham structural, avionic and electrical modifications, are good examples.

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