Search Missing People

It happens daily in different parts of the world,  family members,  ex spouses,  friends,  children,  parents and loved one who goes missing can be a devastating experience.  Then all of the sudden something happens and you desperately ought to search missing people.

Some of reasons they disappear from your sight:
– Unable or unwilling to pay a huge debt
– Their companies are going to bankruptcy
– With divorce in a family with children,  monetary to support
– They’re wanted by law enforcement agencies or the courts system  
– Owe taxes or liens to the government

When they go away from your sight intentionally,  it is very challenging to find them.  Before the Internet invented,  the only way that we could locate a missing person is by employing a private investigator or ad signs across the neighborhood.  It is a relief to know that there are now several online people searches that can be used if you are in search of someone who is missing.
Search missing people on the Internet.  The Internet is an amazing invention.  There are a great number of websites that give information on many individuals – sometimes more exclusive information than any of us would like is all too easy to find.  If you are luck,  you may well find your missing person on one of the many new social networking websites.  But the premise is that you must spend lots of time to screen overwhelming information when you type in the missing person’s name.

The specialized missing people search service,  it supplies easy to utilize search tools with automatic links to complete public databases that you need to search.  This will make looking for a missing person a quicker and easier process and most likely bring about a successful locate.
Don’t give up hope.  Be persistent and you will find your missing person via “missing people search service”.  Good luck on your search.

The Missing Pieces

After researching, I have discovered the reason why the law of attraction works for some people and not for others. There are 2 key things you need to do along with the law of attraction in order for things to manifest. I was on the right track when I started this blog, but with big holes of missing information. Well, its time to fill in the holes, and as I said before, the more I learn about how this works, and what we need to be doing, I will share it here in hopes that you, the readers will also be able to learn about these laws, and how to put yourself in harmony with them, thus receiving what you want and having the life you desire.

The movie the secret left out some important key things you need to know. Simply thinking positive, asking for what you want, wishing for it and focusing on it is just not enough. This is probably why most people say it doesn’t work for them. If all you have been doing in thinking of what you want, and are waiting for it to manifest… well, I am sorry to say, you are going to be waiting an awfully long time. Your thoughts ARE a very important part of it, but it doesn’t stop at your thoughts, which I will get into in a minute. I want to talk a little bit about the thought part some more, as it is part of the first missing piece.

When you change your thought process to what you want, your brain is going to try and find the answers. Its like a machine, and when you keep asking it and focusing on what you want, it WILL find the answer for you. Your mind is a tool, and it will create what you focus on. For example, if you want more money, think about it and ask yourself “How can I get more money” Your mind will start trying to find a way to get it, and the laws will help you, it will provide you with resources and opportunity that you may have not noticed before. You will start thinking about having more money, you may start looking at what jobs or avenues that could get you more money, you will start to notice things, and the ideas just start flowing. eg, if you were driving down the street and thought “I’m hungry, where can I get some food” you will probably notice every restaurant on that street, however, had you not put your focus on “wanting food” you likely would not have noticed any restaurants. This why it is key to train your mind to only think of what you want, and what you want will present itself in the way of opportunity, and this is where the next step comes in.

YOU MUST TAKE ACTION. You must take the action you are guided towards. I did this when I started without even realizing that it was part of it. You can’t just sit at home wishing and thinking positive for things and expect them to manifest. Taking action can be as simple as starting to research about what you want. If your looking for love, get out, go for a walk, interact with people. If you want to make 100K a year, start asking yourself, what kind of jobs make 100k a year, google it, start reading, and the way the law works is you will find your way of making it happen. It will present itself to you while you are taking action. Don’t doubt it, keep believing and just do it. Now that I know what I know, and look back at the last 4 weeks, this is exactly what happened to me. I put the thoughts out there, and had my eyes open, and when ideas presented themselves to me, I took action. With only thinking of what I want, and keep thinking ONLY positive things about getting what I want, I am manifesting more then I even realised before. For example, with my new avenue with Google, they say it takes 4-6 weeks to receive your PIN number in the mail after you qualify, I received mine last week, about 10 days after I applied for it. I know that it came to me quickly because I am thinking the right thoughts, and I am taking action. Myself as a magnet is becoming stronger, thus bringing me more of what I want.

Which brings us to the third thing you need to do. You have heard many greats state that” the universe is always in balance” and this is true. You MUST give back something of value to the universe in order to receive what you ask for. What can you give back you ask, well the list is endless. you can start with things as little as picking up garbage you see outside. In fact, this afternoon, my son and I are going to bring a garbage bag to the park across the street later and clean it up. Help people, just for the sake of helping them. Do you know a family that is struggling more then you? Why not go to the grocery store and buy some groceries for them, drop them off and feel good knowing that they will eat well this week. Do you have knowledge of a particular topic? Write about it, allowing others to learn. Once you start giving back, you will receive, every time. That’s just how the laws work. If you “pay” or give allot, you will build up interest with the universe, and I promise, you will get back what you give.

Time. What are you doing with your time. I heard something the other day, and its really made me think differently about time management. We are either wasting time, exchanging time, or investing time. Invest your time properly, and the universe will give you what you ask for. Think about that as you live your life the next few weeks. When you are doing something, ask yourself “am I wasting time, or investing time?” If you are wasting your time, change it. When I look back at my life, I wasted a lot of time, but now, I am investing my time as much as I can. Exchanging time is receiving an amount for the time you put in, like a paid by the hour type job. Focus on what you are doing with your spare time. Don’t waste it, invest it, and while you are investing it, be sure to be thinking about what you want. Don’t waste another minute. And just to be clear, learning something new is definitely investing your time.

I will continue more as I learn more, but I have to tell you, since starting this almost a month ago now, I feel like a totally different person. I feel so much stronger, my creativity is alive, I feel happy when I wake up in the morning instead of “ahh, I want to sleep more” My courage is growing, my fear and doubt is decreasing, and I am thankful. My hope is to help as many people I can to learn these amazing laws, and to realise the potential that they have. Everyone has so much potential, and so much to offer, even if you think you don’t, I am telling you, YOU DO! Its inside you, and once you start thinking of what you want, you are going to amaze yourself when you realise your own potential. You can DO or BE ANYTHING you want to be, no matter how far off you think it is, its not. Believe in yourself, think about what you want, think about how you can get what you want, keep focusing on it, and the answers will just come to you, and the tools you need to get there will fall in your lap. Say thank you and USE them, take action, give back, and change your life!

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Tired of Missing Workouts? 3 Tips to Help Improve Your Routine

1. Have a dedicated plan:

This is the most common time when people begin to notice something magical. This is the time where a person becomes rather excited about becoming healthy and in shape, which has led them to decide they are going to work out. This will continue for a few weeks or perhaps a couple of months before they eventually stop altogether.

When a person is vague about what they hope to achieve it is very easy to feel down about yourself regardless of how hard you have been exercising. People that are trying to lose weight and say ” I’m going to start to work out” or “I’m going to get fit” do not accomplish anything. That is why you must be specific about what you want to accomplish as far as working out goes.

The best type of goals to have to do this are ones that you can actually measure their progress. You need a specific plan to target specific goals. You need to figure how long your workout sessions will be and how many days a week. A real plan will be detailed and specific about this.

If you are going to work out three days each week for 45 minutes then simply sticking to your plan is a goal reach in and of itself. You can achieve a lot by doing this plan as long as you were not given any advice by some random guy in a trainer shirt. Keeping to your plan is something that should inspire pride, a sense of accomplishment, and motivation to do more. Plan ahead and make sure you specifically know the duration of your exercise. However, if you are vague and say things like “I’m going to workout sometime this week” or “I might workout today”,you will not be able to stick to a coherent plan.

2. Getting Enough Sleep:

If you wish to give your self discipline and motivation a large boost then get a proper amount of sleep. If you wish to have a decent amount of energy you will need eight to nine hours of sleep. Fatigue is the biggest enemy of self discipline and motivation and can reduce them to nothing. By sleep less you will actually have less time during your day regardless if you think it gives you more. Your body will only operate on 50%-60% of its normal energy level. Furthermore, this is not good for you health and it will make you feel terrible throughout your entire day. How can you workout feeling like that?

3. Be Realistic About Your Plans And Exercises:

Whenever you devote time and energy into accomplishing something you will always encounter failures. However, failure can be a great teacher despite of what you learned in school. Remember, you are only human and you will slip up a time or two during your exercise plan. If you fail to achieve success during the first time, you should always try again. You will eventually run out of things to do wrong and will get it right. The problem lies on committing the same mistake over and over again.

If you are decided on something and put your heart and mind to it, then you are in for a commitment. The last thing you want to do is to give up. You want to make sure that you are no longer lying to yourself. Do you want to be healthy? Do you want a great body? Then stop wasting time and get into action!

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Prevent Missing Children

13 Tips for parents: How to Prevent Missing Children

I always hear this statement, “It will never happen to me!”

Child molesting predators hope you will have this false belief. Many parents do, and the problem has increased nearly 500% since 1986. Ask the parent of any missing child and they will say “I talked to my child and thought it could never happen to me”. Ignorance won’t protect your child, education will.

This is why I have written 13 tips to help protect your child now:

1. Tell your child to, Yell, Kick, & Scream if someone they do not know has grabbed them.

2. Make sure your child knows their area code and phone number. Teach them never to give it to

strangers. Be sure your child knows how to use different phone systems.

3. Encourage your child to use the buddy system all the time and not just sometimes.

4. Keep updated photos, medical and dental records ready for use in any emergency.

5. Teach children tactics that someone may use to lure them in a car or to take them somewhere, like offering them candy, or if they have a pet, the stranger may tell the child to pet the animal.

6. Check with your local law enforcement to find out if there are sexual offenders in your area and
Teach your child never to talk to these offenders.

7. Teach you child to always go to a near cashier register that is open if they have separated
from their parents in a mall. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this guideline.

8. Children should be accompanied by an adult or walk in groups at all times when going anywhere.

9. Make sure your child’s school notifies you immediately if your child has not arrived to school.
The school will not know to do this unless you ask this of them.

10. Communication – Don’t let your children leave your home angry. Communicate! Someone else
may do a better job then you, and lure that child.

11. Organize a safety group at your neighborhood. Talk about various programs that help keep parents informed about child safety, child care, child abductions, and even child custody issues.

12. Know what your child wears every day! Do not put his/her name on their clothing. When you do
this, you are giving your child a false sense of security. A stranger will call your child by their name and your child will go up to them.

13. Always know who your new neighbors are. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but, be polite and courteous whenever you do this. Please take these guidelines to heart, and Protect Your Child Now! (Emergency Child Response) is an organization that has joined forces with Oprah, Amber Alert, our local law enforcement and the federal government to stop hideous crimes against our children.

Breaking News: Missing Airbus A330 Found in Atlantic Ocean

Two years after the mysterious missing of Air France Flight 447 – one of the safest planes on Earth, investigators from a joint Airbus- and Air France-funded sea search have found the wreckage of the plane’s fuselage at about 10,000 feet 4,000 meters deep into the sea of the Atlantic Ocean. Robot submarines discovered that the debris was scattered in “quite a compact area” underneath the surface of water. France’s Bureau of Investigations and Analysis (BEA) for civil aviation security said that some passengers’ bodies had also been found and others were still stuck to their seats.


The Air France Airbus A330-200 operating the flight AF-447 from Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) carried 216 passengers and 12 crew. The flight departed on May 31st, scheduled 11:15 hours flight time and should have landed at the Paris airport at 09:15 GMT. However, the plan was missing after four hours of flying. Brazilian officials and Air France officials said that they received the some signs of technical fault at the electric circuit from the pilots of the Airbus. The latest signal was sent when they were near the island of Fernando de Noronha which is between the city of Natal and the island of Ilha do Sal. All 228 passengers were killed in the tragic accident.


While the cause of the deadly crash remains as a mystery for investigators and airline officials, the plane’s black box (flight recorders) has not been found and located.

Robot submarines from France’s Bureau of Investigation and Analysis have captured the undersea pieces of the Airbus A330.

This is the undersea image of the plane’s engine.

The new findings have refused the theory that the plane smashed to pieces before hitting the sea.



This is the image of landing gear.

The wing is captured by the robot submarines.

The map shows the position of crushed plane in the Atlantic Ocean.

Right after the accident, search teams only found parts of the plane.



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