Next time you fly, travel in comfort

You have arrived at the airport and just checked in. You’re ready to head to the departure gate for what will undoubtedly be a long wait before getting on board your flight. But, what if you could spend this time in the comfort of an airport lounge?

No longer for the exclusive use of travellers who have paid through the nose for business class seats, airport lounges are now available to anyone, no matter how much you paid for your flight. Instead of being one of the added luxuries that bump up the cost of air travel beyond the price most are willing to pay, a lounge can now be added to your travel experience at a very reasonable cost.

All airport lounges include comforts like easy chairs where you can read one of a range of international newspapers and magazines or watch television. If you haven’t got the time to relax prior to your departure, you can use a lounge to get urgent work. Internet connections are available on the computers provided, or you can use your own laptop while also enjoying the use of a fax machine.

Meanwhile, drinks and snacks are included in the price. You can have a cup of coffee or tea or enjoy a soft drink or alcoholic beverage. And once you’ve finished, come back for another drink; only champagne will cost extra on top of the fixed price you pay for use of the airport lounge.

All these services can be used up to 3 hours before departure and in the unlikely event that you get through check-in quicker than expected, the airport lounge you have chosen will likely welcome you even earlier. While everyone else is sweating it out at the departure gate, you’ll be sat comfortably enjoying all the services without needing to leave until your boarding call.

All lounges feature onscreen flight information and boarding calls can be heard over the loudspeaker service. If you fall asleep, you can rely on a lounge attendant to wake you in time for boarding.

Booking an airport lounge as part of your holiday or business trip is even simpler than booking your flight. Get on the internet and go to Here you will get a full step-by-step guide to arranging your lounge, with up to 130 to choose from at major UK airports and popular destinations abroad.

Firstly, type in your travel dates and times along with the airport you will be flying from to receive a choice of available airport lounges. A breakdown of the services on offer and a quote will appear on your screen. Indeed, the most startling fact about choosing an airport lounge is the low price, especially when you consider the difference between the cost of a budget airline seat and business class ticket.

Like other aspects of the travel business, services are now being sold individually, meaning that the price you are paying for each becomes obvious and therefore competitive.

With just a little extra cost added to your flight, you will be able to join business travellers in comfort rather than rub shoulders with other budget passengers prior to take off. Start your trip on a comfortable note and book an airport lounge now.

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Taking Aviation Safety to the Next Level

It would appear, rather incongruously that air travel gets safer the more planes and passengers there are whizzing around in the skies. In 2001, for example, there were 200 commercial( 6 + passengers ) air accidents involving 1,534 fatalities and yet, in 2010, by when aircraft numbers had grown substantially, these figures had fallen to 130 and 1,103 respectively. In fact, over the last 5 years, total air passenger movements are forecast to have grown 29% from 2.13 billion to 2.75 billion in 2011 so air travel is getting relatively safer in a major way.

Of course, technological advances have a lot to do with today’s superb safety levels but the human contribution can never be underestimated. It is the teams of accident investigators working in conjunction with aircraft designers and engineers who ultimately ensure that flying gets progressively safer year after year. For their part, the inspectors and surveyors at aviation regulators like the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority also play a vital role in checking the airworthiness of both aircraft and their crews on a regular basis.

Many people may be under the impression that the CAA is full of experienced aircraft engineers who just go there to wind down prior to retirement. The reality couldn’t be further removed from this perception. The organisation is known across the globe for its world class abilities and, in order to maintain these standards, it makes a huge effort to recruit and retain highly competent and able people with an invaluable blend of experience and innovative ideas.

All the accumulated knowledge of the aviation industry since its inception is there to be found under one roof and it is continually being augmented by the cross-fertilisation of ideas.

George Monteiro is typical of the licensed aircraft engineers who now work for the CAA. He surveys aircraft and oversees log-book history to ensure they are fully compliant and up to date with procedures.

“The biggest challenge is learning to manage your own time,” he says. “There’s so much and such a variety of things to do. One day there might be the excitement of getting a new aircraft straight from the factory and having to make sure it meets all approved modifications – but it’s just as exciting meeting your daily objectives and your overall goal, which is primarily to regulate air safety.

“In doing so you appreciate what great people you’re working with. When you evaluate an aircraft and there’s nothing wrong with it, it shows that the person before you – and the person before that person – is doing an amazing job!

“That’s the key,” he enthuses. “Yes, the job does a lot for you, but it’s also about what you can do for the job – taking safety to the next level.”


Daniel Kidd writes about a range of employment, recruitment and ongoing training issues. For more information please visit Aviation Jobs

Push Ahead Next Week Exposure Moto Two New Aircraft Google

With the annual “International Consumer

Electronic Show CES2010 “opened in Las Vegas will soon, the major

Mobile What giants have unveiled new aircraft into the media and the public interest nature of the object. In addition to

Nokia And Samsung , Sony Ericsson and other manufacturers, the Motorola as the host of the show has always been popular as a plus, for every year in the General Assembly on the new release, so how will introduce the new machine is triggered when a lot of conjecture. Recently, foreign media, according to the disclosure, Motorola may have to be officially launched this exhibition on two new aircraft Android system, with separate operators for AT & T and VerizonWireless tailored.

In accordance with the foreign media’s news show, Motorola released the two at the CES2010 Android system on the new machine will be for the U.S. operator AT & T and VerizonWireless customization, which will be equipped with a full Qwerty keyboard and touch screen, while a full touch screen design will be used, is a

CDMA Phone. As for the specific model, the view from the information currently available, previously exposed on the network that is codenamed “Backflip / Enzo” of Motorola’s new machine will be the AT & T custom models that paragraph. The phone’s special features is use of a unique flip design, QWERTY keyboard, the phone can be flipped to use. In other words, in the normal state of the QWERTY keyboard phone touch screen in the back with machine back in the form of presentation, only need to enter text using the keyboard when the only way by turning in touch Controlled bottom of the screen. Is full of character in addition to flip keyboard design, the Motorola dubbed Backflip / Enzo’s Android system phone functionality than the Droid is hot in terms of how much to boast no place. The loading machine is 3.1 inches HVGA resolution touch screen, support for a resolution of only 320 × 480 pixels. Fortunately, Motorola is also equipped with a MOTOBLUR touch interface, ride through the integration of business functions from email to social networking activities, and other usage patterns, so that users can easily synchronize contacts, messaging, message boards, e-mail photos and other information updated.

The functions of the phone, the phone is only equipped with Android1.5 version operating system, but does not rule out future upgrade to the latest official release version may Android2.X. While other functions in the phone configuration, the Motorola phone is also reflected to a certain standard. Not only the built-in 500-megapixel auto-focus camera and high-pass MSM7201A 528MHz processor, such as WCDMA / HSDPA networks and WLAN wireless local area network access, 3.5 mm headphone jack, GPA/A-

GPS Navigation, electronic compass and other features are ranging. As another feature of the machine is will AT & T, Motorola’s Android system first appeared as a customized cell phone, AT & T to provide full support for various network

Service , Including AT & T introduced, including AT & T Navigator, AT & T Music, AT & T Mobile App store and Yahoo! Search and so on.

The other a custom model for VerizonWireless in the relatively difficult to determine the identity of some of its current information is only known aircraft will be equipped with AMO

LED Touch screen. However, many of the new Motorola exposure machine, there seems no support for CDMA networks Android systems of new aircraft appear to be in China Unicom will launch a full touch screen as the phone XT701 overseas version of the Motorola will likely be introduced Also a heavyweight new machine. This machine not only inherited the main features of Motorola’s XT701 and more powerful hardware configuration, especially the built-in 800-megapixel camera, but so will likely be Motorola’s first smartphone 8 million pixels. Information obtained in accordance with the present view, this phone’s development, code-named SholesTablet, has a new machine with Unicom appearance XT701 completely equivalent, or even get a better feel for the mobile phone body in the right part of the design curve is also the same. But the machine with the main difference is that China Unicom Edition XT701’s built-in camera phones will be upgraded from 500 million pixels to 800 million pixels, and the specific image features, the Motorola and Kodak will continue to cooperate this time. In addition to mobile phones with Xenon flash and continue to use technology from Kodak’s image processing, the machine will also have a 720P high definition video recording capabilities, and HDMI port can also be connected to other display devices, play and view high definition images.

The phone’s other features, the machine is still the most attractive places to be built with the same TIOMAP3430 Droid Motorola processor, based not only on CORTEXA8 core processors can provide over the existing AMR11 times faster performance, and its frequency is also liberation from the past 600MHz to 800MHz, to enable mobile multimedia performance and processing performance to be boosted again. In addition, the Motorola “SholesTablet” will also carry a 3.7-inch WVGA touch screen size, not only support 480 × 854 pixel resolution, but also the use of capacitive touch screen and support multi-touch operation function. And in addition to built-in GPS navigation feature and support for WCDMA / HSDPA high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b/g/w) wireless LAN access and other functions, the phone also will carry Android2.0 system, with 3.5 mm headphone jack, Bluetooth and memory card expansion capabilities with Motorola’s exclusive Crystaltalk also allows users to get a noisy environment is also more clear call quality. But only with the current rumors are inconsistent with that standard machine from the network point of view, not a tailor-made for the CDMA mobile phone VerizonWireless.

In any case, as the world’s largest

Appliance World Expo

“International Consumer Electronics Show CES2010” will be on January 7, 2010 grand opening, let one club then Motorola will give us how wonderful it.

I am China Hardware Suppliers writer, reports some information about windows xp coa , network diagnostic tool.

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Next Generation Search Engines

Google has been ruling the world of premiere search engines for quite sometime now , but emergence of the nest generation search engines like that of Teoma , Infoseek , Mayukhs Search, Looksmart , Google will be forced to rethink its strategies.Google is also known for the wide range of features it offers, such as cached links that let you “resurrect” dead pages or see older versions of recently changed ones. It offers excellent spell checking, easy access to dictionary definitions, integration of stock quotes, street maps, telephone numbers and more. See Google’s help page for an entire rundown on some of these features. The Google Toolbar has also won a popular following for the easy access it provides to Google and its features directly from the Internet Explorer browser.But these new search engines are no less , for example Mayukhs Search is now indexing 422 billion pages per second and is enabled with perfect spell checker and query related search .The most amazing fact about this search engine , is that an Indian lad Mayukh Goswami is the sole architecht behind this search technology .Mayukhs Search toolbar is also fast evolving to be one of the best.Looksmart ,Infoseek , Teoma needs no introduction . Well today at one end of the search engine spectrum is the Yahoo Guide , designed by David Filo and Jerry Yang while students at Standford University.It has a search fynction and hot lists featuring new and interesting sites.Well unlike Yahoo, where the list is edited and polished by people , Altavista is a search engine that locates documents by brute force .Well the all new search engine Mayukhs Search created by and only by Mayukh Goswami in collaboration sends out a program named Scooter to wander the web and return documents that it finds to the digital site.As this program , called a Web Spider , here called Scooter , sends back new documents , an index program at Digital is busy extracting key words from the documents and storing them in a large database along with the addresses of the pages they came from .When you search for key words the search engine looks them up in this database and gives you the addresses where documents containing them can be found.