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I’ve been travelling the past week to various places in Malaysia. If you’re a price conscious person like me, you’ll enjoy travelling in Malaysia because things are cheap…really cheap. Singapore has a median household income more than 3 times than of Malaysia[Link]. Because Malaysia has a large part of its population living in rural areas involved in farming pulling down the per capita GDP, the median income difference between Singapore and Malaysia for people living in cities is probably smaller. If you take into account the cost of living, the difference in quality of life may not be so big.

Travelling across Malaysia, makes a person realise how much the cost of living has crept up in Singapore over the years. Many years ago, when you go to Malaysia, you find things are slightly cheaper than Singapore…..but now the price difference is really big. Here are some random snapshots to illustrate: When I was in Malacca, I found out that one of my distant Malaysian relative got sick and was staying in a private hospital called Mahkota Medical Centre.

It was pure coincidence that my hotel was located across the road from that hospital. I went to visit my relative at the hospital – I won’t go into the details of his illness but he is seriously ill and bedridden. I chatted with him and he was quite upset about the cost of medical care at the hospital. Mahkota Medical Centre is owned by a Singapore-based company known as Health Management International (HMI). He was upset because the ward charges has gone up from RM$ 50 when his father was ward 5 years ago to RM$ 70 per day. RM$ 70 gets you something like our B class wards(?), 4 beds per room + air-condition. This Malaysian hospital is one of those where you’re allowed to use your Medisave . When I spoke to the nurse there, she told me an increasing number of Singaporeans are seeking at Mahkota because the cost of medical care in Singapore has spiralled beyond the reach of uinsured and uninsurable Singaporeans. The problem with medical tourism is it strains the country’s resources and imports inflation. The cost difference for medical treatment between developed countries like Singapore, US, Germany and Malaysia is huge. If they allow their private hospitals to expand and take foreign patients, they will see the same problem of cost spirals and strained capacity in public hospitals as Singapore. Minister Khaw exported some of our problems by allowing the use of Medisave for Malaysian hospitals as Singapore’s public hospital experience bed shortages and long waiting times[Link]. My sick relative was told by his doctor to seek part of his treatment at a Malaysian public hospital where they can treat him for much lower cost and same effectiveness as Mahkota.

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Find the best deals on restaurants to experiment new places

With the current state of the economy, most people are trying to save as much of money as they can on their day to day expenses. Of course, you cannot cut down on your costs like those on food and travel, etc. However, there are costs that you can easily cut on. For instance, you can cut down your expenses on all the spa treatments, entertainment factors like movies, concerts and all those things you want but don’t particularly need.

But can’t cut down on those good stress busters? No one asked you to. You don’t have to completely stop indulging in these things to save money. Thank online shopping websites for these, because you can now avail deals for restaurants and thus conveniently be able to save money. Oh yes, these days almost every other online shopping website offers really cheap deals on the best of restaurants. These days you will find websites that are specifically dedicated to offering just discount coupons and vouchers. You will easily be able to find the best deals you can imagine on any kind of product or service across the internet.

Online shopping is a great way to cut down on your expenses. With all the economy falling and the competition get higher, most websites are in the competition to be the best sites to be offering really good deals. Thus, do a little research and you are sure to stumble upon some of the best deals available in the country.

Although, the internet has deals available on everything available under the sun, deals for restaurants are doing exceptionally well. A major reason could be the fact that people love going out to unwind and catch up with friends. Everybody these days is so busy at work that making time for your friend circle is more of a social obligation now. Thus, regularly going out to restaurants also gets an expensive affair in this already expensive world. Thus, getting discounts at restaurants from the internet would turn out to be a very rational option for the social animals out there.

While it makes total sense for the busy souls to use restaurants, why should the rest of you go for it too? Well, for starters it will add some sense of spontaneity to your schedule. By using restaurants deals, you only get to go to new restaurants and experience new places but you can also experiment with new cuisines. This will not only break your monotonous schedule but add an interesting experience to your life.

There are a lot of websites that offer discounts at restaurants. What is more is that there are websites themselves that are present online and offer good discounts regularly to their customers. Thus, what you should do is get online, do some research on a lot of websites that offer deals and stuff and then simply go ahead with it. Pick a location further from home so you can try out a new locality and explore it. Push your personality to be spontaneous enough to try new cuisines. After all, we just have one life; why not spend it by experiencing everything?

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