Nokian?s unique slush planing tests

Slush means danger and is a frequent situation. Slush planing is imminent because the tyre (In Finnish: rengas) loses contact with the road and you cannot steer the car anymore. On slush the risk of fatal accidents is 4.9 times higher than on dry roads, a study of Tampere University of Technology proves.


You have to change lanes to overtake others and you have to cross the slush barrier between the lanes. Then the driver turns right again and again crosses the slush barrier. Here the car loses side grip and can easily skid.


“As the pioneer of slush tests Nokian Tyres has carried out slush planing tests for 15 years and owns as the one tyre manufacturer a unique proving ground for slush planing tests longitudinal as well as lateral,” knows Matti Morri, the Technical Customer Service Manager from Nokian Tyres. “The Nokian engineers have developed exact test methods for slush planing testing. Although Nokian is already the forerunner of the branch and can improve their tyres more and more every year.” During recent years e.g. several German car magazines have included slush planing tests in their winter tyre test programs for the first time.


Slush planing is more dangerous than aquaplaning

Slush planing makes tyres lose contact with the ground with much lower speeds than aquaplaning: Already at speeds below 50 km/h tyres may lose contact with the ground on slush whereas aquaplaning typically occurs with speeds up from 80 km/h on standard test arrangements at Nokian’s tests track. This is alarming. Without tyre contact to the ground the car cannot be steered anymore and the braking distance becomes much too long.


Slush planing is more dangerous than aquaplaning for the following reasons: On ordinary roads the depths of the layer of water is rarely more than 10 millimeters but slush can be much thicker – namely up to 40 millimeters on the driving lanes and up to 100 millimeters between the driving lanes. Slush has got a higher viscosity than water, therefore is pastier, and cannot be led off in the tyre tread channels as easily as water.

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Dangers of Aquaplaning and slush planing

When driving on a dry road in the summertime, drivers hardly have to think about their tyres. When a thunderstorm breaks or a persistent summer rain fills the grooves in the road or a slush-weather occurs in between harder winter conditions, it is quite a different ballgame. The danger of aquaplaning and slush planning can be felt in the steering: it is difficult to control the car, especially if the tyres are in poor condition or worn out. The best way to prevent aquaplaning and slush planning is to use new tyres. Even new tyres do not completely eliminate the risk of aquaplaning or slush planing, but it is possible to control the car as long as you adjust the driving speed to the conditions.


From the viewpoint of traffic safety, it is important to have both winter as summer tyres with the proper groove depth and properties to suit the weather conditions. When there is excess water or slush on the road and the driving speed exceeds a certain limit, the tread pattern of the tyre no longer pushes aside the water or slush from underneath the tyre. The feel between the tyre and the road will be lost, and so will the grip.


When there is less than four millimeters of tread on the tyres (in Norwegian: dekk), the tyres’ wet grip and aquaplaning as well as slush planing properties essentially deteriorate; the risk of aquaplaning and slush planing, in particular, greatly increases. Furthermore, the breaking distance is longer and the car will skid easier. Tests conducted by Nokian Tyres show that with a worn-out tyre (tread less than 1.6 millimeters, approximately 5 millimeters of water on the road), aquaplaning or slush planning will occur when driving in a curve at the speed of 80 km/h, whereas the aquaplaning and slush planning speed for new tyres is 95 km/h.


When the driving speed increases and the tyres wear out, the contact area between the tyre and the road is dramatically reduced. The contact area of a vehicle with worn-out tyres, 1.6 millimeters, is only 16% when compared to a stationary vehicle.


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Right tyres for dangerous slush planing

From all the hard conditions the car driver can get, slush planing is probably one of the most dangerous driving situations. More than 95 percent of drivers would like to get tyres that provide safer driving experience on slush – for the ice, the percentage was 81, just to compare.

Slush planing is held dangerous because on that, the winter tyre (in Swedish: vinterdäck) loses contact with the road and there is no way to steer the car anymore. On slush the risk of fatal accidents is 4.9 times higher than on dry roads, as a study of Tampere University of Technology proves.

There are winter tyres optimized for slush, for example Nokian WR G2. For more than 15 years the tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres has carried out slush planing tests. They own a special testing center for slush planing, where thousands of test with different tyres are carried out every year.

But it is not only the manufacturer that runs the test: car organizations and car magazine run and publish independent tyres test every year. In these tests the Nokian WR G2 was for example mentioned be recommendable, good on snow and quite good on ice, too. These were the ratings from ADAC, the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest and leading German car magazines.

The low rolling resistance of the tyre (in Swedish: däck) was also praised. This feature significantly saves fuel; according to the manufacturer, the car driver can reduce his fuel consumption by half a litre of fuel per 100 kilometers with this tyre. This is 300 euros less over a normal driving distance of 40,000 kilometers.

Additionally, Nokian WR G2 is produced without ecologically harmful high-aromatic oils. Nokian Tyres was the world’s first tyre manufacturer to start using only purified, low aromatic oils in its products. Being ecological does not mean that one should be less safe or expensive to drive!

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Slush planing, tyres and Central European winters

Nokian Tyres is known for its reliable and safe winter tyres (in Swedish: vinterdäck) for the Northern climate, but they do know more mild Central European winters well as well.

In Central Europe, the speeds are higher and temperature warmer than in North, but during the winter time, the weather may change rapidly. High safety is needed on slush, snow and ice, both wet and dry conditions.

The most problematic weather condition in Central Europe is slush. Slush planing a high risk because the tyre loses contact with the road and there is no possibility to steer the car anymore if the contact is lost. According to a study of Tampere University of Technology made in 2008, the risk of fatal accidents is 4.9 times higher on slush than on dry roads. If the temperature rises above zero degree Celsius, slush us even more dangerous. A car will start skidding because of slush planing and slid off the road or could not break in time.

As the slush is more than common in Northern roads of Europe during autumn and spring times, Nokian Tyres has carried out slush planing tests for 15 years and is one of the pioneers on it. The company owns testing ground for tests where both longitudinal and lateral slush planning is measured and researched. The engineers of Nokian Tyres have developed exact test methods for slush planing testing – and the development is an ongoing process.

Nokian Tyres have developed special tyres like the Nokian WR G2 and Nokian WR G2 SUV for Central European winters. These tyre (in Swedish: däck) models provide especially high safety on slush and are optimised better performances in the local, milder weather. Extra care has been seen that the tyres are not only safe, but they consume only little fuel and are environmentally friendly also. Due to its lower rolling resistance, Nokian WR G2 saves fuel half a litre per 100 kilometres. The tyre is made from natural product like canola oil and silica, which replace high aromatic oils that more harmful to nature.

When released to market, Nokian WR G2 was recommended based on the test judgements of the German automobile association ADAC, and the German car magazines “auto motor und sport”, “Auto” and “sport auto”. This is to prove that the engineers of Nokian Tyres have been able to design the safe tyre for moments of slush.



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