Flying Without Fear – Can You Really Achieve This?

It’s a question that many individuals think about anytime someone mentions flying. Unfortunately it’s not something you’ll be able to overcome by yourself.

However, there are ways to cure your flying phobia. You just need a little boost of confidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time flyer or just a fearful flyer because there is a solution for everyone who suffers from the fear of flying.

The Fear of Flying

If you have a flying phobia, you aren’t the only one. There are thousands of individuals who won’t step foot on an airplane due to their insecurities. In fact, you’ll find that 6.5% of Americans have a fear of flying.

If you fall into this category you’ll find yourself thinking about irrational thoughts, feel like your heart is coming out of your chest, and feel like you need to hurry up and get off the plane (if you can even get on the plane in the first place)!

Whatever the case, maybe you’ve already tried out a few solutions. We both know they didn’t work though because you still wound up here. The talk therapy, exposing you to airplanes, and everything else out there are just short term solutions that have long term financial costs.

This being said, you will have to find an alternative method to control your anxiety of flying.

The First Step Forward

When all else fails it’s time to try something new. It has to be a method that doesn’t require medication, positive thinking, or deep breathing like you hear about or have tried relentlessly. Instead it really comes down to understanding yourself and your flying phobia. Why? Well, it’s not your actions or body that causes the fear of flying, it’s your brain and what it tells you.

So what if we told you that flying is the safest form of travel in the world today. Telling you alone won’t help, but understanding why can transform your thought process. It will allow you to stop thinking about those catastrophic thoughts, learn to relax the muscles, control your breathing, and feel like yourself before the plane takes off.

The Enjoyment Gained

When you have finally overcome your flying phobia, the rest of the world will seem different. You will be able to take vacations to places you never dreamed of, quit paying out extra money to drive everywhere, and most importantly enjoy your life.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to cure your fear of flying. If you continue to walk down the path you’re currently on, you’ll miss out on so much, (but then you probably already know that only too well)!

Making the Decision to Rid Yourself of Your Flying Phobia

While we could sit here and go into deep detail on how you can cure your flying phobia, it won’t do any good. You have to want to try something that psychologists, medicine, and others cannot give you. If you have the courage to take this new stride forward it will be a great start to a new beginning. With extensive research online you will find many alternative methods available that allow thousands over the world to overcome their flying phobia and to enjoy a new way of life, the choice is yours!

Before it’s all said and done, you will be able to re-channel your fear of flying into being more open to the subject. It may well not be you but a member of your family or a friend who has a fear of flying that needs help.

Whether it’s you or someone else, it’s important to understand that these days curing your fear of flying is within easy reach for you.

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There are various science laboratory equipment or science experiment kits are available in the present market, where you can do these experiments with your children. Similarly various other daily activities like how the milk curdles when you add vinegar and many more experiments can be done. With these experiments your children will definitely get through knowledge about science. However no two children are having the same interest on these science projects. Therefore depending upon the interest of your children there are so many incredible science experiment kits are available. Children will love five different things about the school science lab supplies.

1. First, they never have to wait for rain as they can see what causes a rainbow. With science experiment kit they can learn how a rainbow is caused by an interaction between water molecules in the air and rays of light from the sun.
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As we are facing certain uncertain times, it is hard to predict whether we will be able to stop making cuts to school programs and their benefits. Using the science experiment kits, children will be kept interested and focused in the classroom.

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Did the Moon Walk Really Happen? The Conspiracy Behind The Apollo Space Mission

When astronaut Neil Armstrong first stepped out of the Eagle space capsule and looked around at the lunar landscape, he reported that it had a strange kind of beauty.  He said it reminded him of the high desert of the United States.  A modern conspiracy theory claims that it WAS the American desert, or a Hollywood studio.  This theory asserts that the Apollo space mission and first moonwalk was a hoax to fool the Russians (who also had designs on being the first men on the moon), and whip up pro-American propaganda among the populace.


The theory may sound outlandish, but it’s gotten quite a bit of TV time.  It was first featured on network television on February 15th 2001 when the program “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?” was aired on the Fox network.  On this show, guests argued that NASA made the video clips and that the astronauts got closer than the moon’s orbit.


There are lots and lots of reasons why so many people believe this.  Here are just a few of the more commonly made charges. 


Is There A Breeze On The Moon?


If you’ve seen the video, you know that the flag is moving around, rippling in the breeze.  You can see how it’s bending and rippling with your own eyes.  Hoax theorists say that this makes it obvious; after all, there is no air on the moon, so how can there be a breeze?


The reason that the flag is moving, according to NASA, is not that there’s a breeze.  It’s because the film footage shows the astronauts driving the pole into the lunar surface.  As they’re turning and twisting it to get it into the ground, it causes a motion that makes it look like the flag’s blowing in the wind.


What Happened To The Stars?


Another charge is that, in all the pictures we see of the earth taken from the moon, the sky is pitch black without any stars at all.  Why can’t we see them?  They point out that in all pictures taken of the moon, there isn’t one star visible in the sky.


If you understand the basics of photography, this will make sense.  It was daytime on the moon.  In all the photos, you can see how bright the ground is.  The stars are there, but they’re too dim to see.  Objects in the foreground are lit up and the stars are underexposed. 


It’s not only a trick of the camera, however.  Neil Armstrong has commented himself on how strange it was that the sky was so black.  The astronauts couldn’t see any stars either because of the intense daylight conditions.


Although this doesn’t present any evidence to counter the claim, think about this – If they were going to fake the moon landing, and make fake pictures and video to back it up, wouldn’t it make sense to put some fake stars in the sky?  If it was a hoax, this was a major goof-up.


The Biggest Hoax On Earth


If this was all a hoax, it’s the biggest the earth’s ever seen.  For 10 years, more than 400,000 people were in on it, working for the “space program.”  This means that all of these individuals have kept quiet about it for the last 50 years.  Not one has come forward to reveal it.  This has been pointed out by Purdue University Aeronautics professor James Longusky.  Plus, with all the money put into the program, wouldn’t it have been easier to just go to the moon?


The moon hoax conspiracy theory is intriguing but most of its theories fall flat.  Like most conspiracy theorists, proponents of the hoax theory use lots of faulty evidence and misleading pseudo-science.  If you’re considering the argument, be critical of what both sides have to say.



You can learn more about the Apollo Space Mission at Arizona’s Meteor Crater –  At the crater, Apollo astronauts trained for the mission.  They used the site because of its supposed resemblance to the moon’s surface.  Meteor Crater’s visitors center as an actual test capsule used in training as well as its Astronaut Wall Of Fame.

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