How Are Rising Oil Prices Affecting the Airline Industry

In America, we have a desire for big cars and even bigger homes.  In the recent past, many rarely wrestle with the cost of running these items . . . . but all of that is changing.  The energy we use is now more expensive than ever.

There’s no other way to say it:  Americans are energy pigs.

I am, you are, we all are.  Compared to the rest of the world we consume tremendous amounts of oil.  On a per capita basis we consume twice what the Britons, Germans, and French consume.  Amazingly, we eat up more than 13 times the oil when compared to the Chinese.

According to the Wall Street Journal, America consumes more than a quarter of all oil produced in the world!  One out of every 4 barrels.  This level of consumption is a problem.  Just a few days ago oil traded for the first time over $ 100 per barrel.  It was the trade heard round the world, so to speak.

The fear is that the price will continue to rise beyond $ 100.  In the late 1970s and early 1980s America was hit with high oil prices. . . adjusted for inflation it peaked at $ 102.81 in April of 1980.  That was a time of tremendous economic turmoil.

OK, enough statistics, what does this all mean?

For one thing, the phrase “this time it is different” really rings true. Record oil prices in the early 1980s were caused by political turmoil and OPEC . . . today it is being driven by something entirely different, demand.

India and China are growing rapidly.  Their exploding middle class is hungry for a better lifestyle.  One that includes buying automobiles and using consumer goods like plastics that are made from oil.  Couple this new demand with already sky high consumption in the US and growth in Europe and we have a problem.  Demand that far outstrips supply.

This demand for oil is not going away.  If anything, it will get worse.  All it will take is some turmoil in Venezuela or another oil producing country and you have a recipe for oil at $ 200. 

Some will suffer from high oil prices more than others.  Some experts point to the automobile industry as one that will suffer the most.  No doubt they will be impacted, but I think the airline industry is headed for much worse.

Alternative power sources for cars are available, though not widespread. They can be run on bio-diesel, ethanol, or battery power.  Cars have also been run on solar power, flywheels, and even fuel cells.

You can’t run a Boeing 747 aircraft on any of these.

The airline industry is tied to the price of jet fuel and higher oil prices means higher jet fuel prices.  The airlines are already suffering.  United Airlines (UAL) announced today an increase in domestic fares by $ 10 each way to offset rising fuel prices.

Some industry insiders believe that this is only the first round of price increases.  Amazingly, the only major airline that focuses on hedging its fuel needs is Southwest Airlines (LUV), and their hedges are expiring.  The rest of the industry (and LUV very soon) continues to operate with significant exposure to oil prices.

If the economy slows, as many experts predict, demand from consumers for flights will fall.  The rising costs of fuel and the falling demand from consumers will result in big losses for the airlines.  Last year was a terrible one for the airlines, but I’m not convinced this is the bottom.

To profit from this mess, I would look to eliminate any holdings you may have in the airline industry.  Those with a more aggressive approach could look to buy puts on some of the larger domestic airlines such as United (UAL) or Delta (DAL).

Brian Mikes is the editor of the Dynamic Wealth Report, a free investment newsletter that offers investment ideas and news you can’t get from the mainstream investment press. Brian and his team bring decades of Wall Street and Silicon Valley experience to help you discover profitable trading ideas you can use today.

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Rising demand of used engines in automobile sector

Everybody of us is aware of the fact that engine is the most important part of any automobile. There are chances when engine break down and an individual go for buying a new automobile engine. Buying a new automobile engine will cost you a lot in terms of engine cost and all related taxes. Sometime taxes cost more than the actual cost of engine. In order to save cost and hassle, it is advised to go for used engines. There are numerous engine suppliers that supply good quality used engines for automobiles. In this way the ultimate benefit is delivered to customer who gets a good quality used engine at economical prices.
There was an old belief that used engines are of no use and they don’t deliver performance. Contrary to that belief, today many automobile dealers are buying used engines for various automobiles. In the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the sale of used engines. Today there are many automotive companies supplying the best used engines only after ensuring the quality. Besides this, there are numerous websites that are providing an online platform for buyers and sellers looking for good quality used engines. These engines can be feasibly used for various trucks and car models.
If we carefully look at the present scenario then we could easily determine that there has been drastic growth in the demand of used engines in automobile sector. Buying used engine is a popular trend nowadays and people are taking many advantages in terms of reduced costs and improved performance of their vehicle.
With inflation is rising at a very high pace, owing a car is very costly. Moreover, there are related costs such as insurance and toll taxes that will make your car buying dream a nightmare. There are few countries where you have to take permission for buying a car as there is a major issue of parking. Another important point to support this fact is that a new vehicle generally loses up to 80% of its value after its first sale.
In order to support sales and purchase of used engines, governments have eased down the norms for domestic users. Today, you can easily buy a used engine for your vehicle. These engines cost you much less and deliver superb performance as they come to market after being tested thoroughly. So, next time you think of buying a new care, think carefully.
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Jacob Watson has 10 years of experience in writing Articles, Blogs and creative writing for numerous online article-submission directories. Besides this, he is also into wildlife-photography and music.

Dead Rising 2 Crashes


Dead Rising 2 is an action-adventure game developed by Capcom in partnership with Blue Castle Games. This article aims to provide help with most common annoyances and issues people seem to be having with the game.

Dead Rising 2 crashes in the following circumstances:

1. Sound Card Audio Sampling Rate does not equal to 24 bit/ 48,000 Hz Range

2. Registry Junk

3. Corrupted Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

4. Lack of 8.5 GB of Free Hard Disk Space

5. Corrupted Microsoft DirectX

Sound Card Audio Sampling Rate does not equal to 24 bit/ 48,000 Hz Range
Dead Rising 2 supports 24 bit/ 48,000 Hz range of audio sampling rate on your sound card. If that rate is set above or below level, Dead Rising 2 crashes. Configure the following setting to set the specified sampling rate.

1. Click Start button on the Taskbar.

2. Click Control Panel.

3. Click Hardware and Sound | Sound.

4. In the Playback tab, select your Playback Device. For instance, your active speakers.

5. Click Properties button.

6. Click Advanced tab.

7. In the drop down box from the Default Format frame, select the audio sampling rate: 24 bit/ 48,000 Hz

8. Click OK | OK | Close.

9. Restart the game.

Registry Junk
Dead Rising 2 stores the relevant information in the system registry for easy access during the runtime. All the information stored in the registry must be valid and present at the time you are playing the game.
Registry junk often results Dead Rising 2 crashes. You are required to delete the registry junk for solving this problem. Use a third party Registry Cleaner and System Optimizer product.
Corrupted Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual C++ is a package containing runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with Visual C++ on a computer that does not have Visual C++ installed.
An error may occur informing “The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” The file continuous letters M, S, V, C and R refers to Microsoft Visual C+ Redistributable. It’s a dynamic link library file required to run this game. Dead Rising 2 crashes if Visual C++ Redistributable is corrupted. In many cases, just a single file msvcrl.dll does not exist, and results in the Dead Rising 2 crashing problem.
You need to download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable from Microsoft website, and reinstall it on your system.
Lack of 8.5 GB of Free Disk Space
Dead Rising 2 requires at least 8.5 free hard disk space. The drive where the game is installed must have the said amount of free disk space for the smooth running of it.

Dead Rising 2 crashes when there is a lack of specified free disk space. You need to delete junk and temporary files using third-party System Cleaner and System Optimizer product.
Corrupted Microsoft DirectX
Microsoft DirectX is a collection of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for handling tasks related to multimedia, video and games. Dead Rising 2 requires Microsoft DirectX to be installed.

A corrupted installation of Microsoft DirectX results in Dead Rising 2 crashes. You need to download DirectX from Microsoft website, and reinstall it on your system.
Guaranteed Fix
The simple and quick way to stop Dead Rising 2 crashes is to fix the problem in the registry database. Download best registry cleaner for your computer and fix the problem now. RegInOut will also help you to Speed Up Computer.


Technical Expert.

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