Best Quality Mexican Auto Insurance Protection and Visiting the Santa Prisca Church in Taxco!

There are many great advantages to taking a road trip down to Mexico. One notable example is the fact that you can travel along at your own pace. You get to go wherever you’d like to go without having to adhere to bus or train schedules. One great destination to consider during your journeys is the silver mining town of Taxco. This gorgeous town features many exciting attractions. Chief among them is the Santa Prisca Church, which is a must-see for anyone who visits. By investing in Mexican auto insurance, you will be able to make your way safely to this charming town and see its amazing church.

Get Your Mexican Auto Insurance Beforehand

You shouldn’t put off buying Mexican insurance. Although it’s technically possible to buy it at the border, that isn’t the best idea in the world. At the border, you will be at the mercy of whatever the shacks are charging. You won’t have many options, and you won’t be able to comparison shop. The last thing that you want to do is to drive to Taxco without coverage, so you will have to settle for whatever Mexico insurance auto liability protection is available. You are sure to pay more for it, and you might not even get a legitimate policy.

About the Santa Prisca Church

You’re probably wondering what all of the fuss is about when it comes to the Santa Prisca Church. It was built between 1751 and 1759 by a man named Jose de la Borda, who was a man who became rich from the silver mines that put the town on the map in the first place. This Baroque church, whose official name is the Parish of Santa Prisca y San Sebastian, is extremely narrow because it was nearly impossible to find a flat enough expanse of ground on which to build it. It’s made out of eye-catching pink stone and is extremely ornate.

Worth a Look

Thanks to the church’s long history, it’s a truly fascinating place to visit. Its altars are covered in shimmering gold, which adds to its elegance considerably. According to legend, something mystical occurred while it was being built. During a storm, workers saw a black figure hovering over the church; it was lit up by the lightning. The lightning struck the building’s cupola and lit up words that mean “glory to God in the highest,” among other things. When added to the building’s rich history, this legend makes it even more compelling. Best Quality Mexican Auto Insurance Protection and Visiting the Santa Prisca Church in Taxco!