The New School Diet

I would say the education department is celebrating with the injection of 380 million smackers received from the government to help fund schools with the new healthy eating diet plan.   

Hallelujah and about time too, hallelujah my foot let us do our sums. If we break down this grand total between them all you will find secondary schools receive approx 6,000 pounds and infants around 4,000.

Feeding the five thousand on bread and fish should be left in the hands of a miracle worker, namely Christ. Schools a place of learning where children are taught to read and write and now on top of that being told what to eat

The introduction to a healthier diet plan is a move in the right direction for controlling obesity also giving the kids a chance to lead a longer healthier life.

But how on earth without a miracle can teachers get kiddies to choose between their favorite meals to the ones that are chosen for them?
More funding is needed in this department for this changeover to take place.

More varieties of meals to choose from then more chance of the new menu being a success.

But with measly pittance handouts from the government this task is going to be a long hard struggle for all involved.
We all know what kids are like if forced to do something their not happy with. They become stubborn and develop an attitude such like, no matter what you say or do, I am not eating that. Give them time; let them decide when they are ready to start eating healthy.

Listen up all schools.

When introducing the new diet, say nothing. Place a plate of greasy chips covered with a yucky Bovril tasting gravy alongside a fresh pasta salad. No contest in the eye of the young student. Take action offer the pupil some sort of reward for choosing to eat healthy like offering a
10p token with the pasta meal, indicating when so many tokens are saved they will have qualified for a special treat towards the end of the month.

If the child’s choice is the chip meal,then that’s fine. But believe me when I say there will be no Oliver Twist asking for more after they have tasted the gravy.

How is chocolate cake rated up against the banana? Schools why not try adopting a monkey in a zoo. Then let the kiddies know that by eating a piece of fruit before a fattening slice of cake they will be helping the adopted chimp/monkey lead a comfortable life.

Coaxing children into eating healthy couldn’t be simpler by beautifying the dish up with plenty of colour; this can be done by adding creative touches to the meal making it look more appetizing than that, of the dish that is not good for them.

For example, the plain scone versus the fancy cream cake sprinkled with rainbow colored hundreds and thousands with a bright red glazed cherry on top, in the child’s eye presentation and the entire extras win hands down.

Now for the minors weighing in at 13 stone and standing six feet tall, coaxing blackmail whatever you call it, is going to be hard. The only way to approach 5/6th form students is to point out the benefits of healthy eating. Should he/she choose to ignore the warning signs, then we ask ourselves did they learn nothing at school. In saying that, there could be a genuine reason behind their ignorance. Which brings us back to government funding? Not enough teachers to show them the way?

Students, pupils and kiddies eat healthy to live long enough to collect your pension

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Finding the Right Aviation School

Everyone wants to fly. It can be a great adventure to be able to fly your own aircraft. Apart from being fun, it can lead to excellent career path also. However, to learn how to fly, you will have to search for an advanced flight training school which will enable you to acquire your dream to fly.


However, it is not easy to find a flying school. There are different types of aviation academies in India. You will be surprised to find so many choices. It is not a matter of giving in to impulse. You will have to make the right selection with outmost care. If you do not have any prior flying experience, it will be even more important. There are different factors which will help you make the right choice.


Before you select an aircraft institute, do try to determine, why you want to fly. Is it for fun only? Do you want to look down at the sky and the cloud? Are you trying to fulfill, your romance for flying only? Or do are you more serious and want to make it as your career? These questions will put you to the right path and will help you select one of the flying schools India.  


The next set of question is also important in deciding the college. Where do you want to fly? Do want to be limited to your area only? Or do you want to cross the borders and invade the sky of the other countries? The aircraft of your dream will also be another deciding factor. What does your dream say? Do you see yourself flying a shiny, new commercial aircraft? Or does your dream project an image of you flying a small aircraft? Remember that these questions are important as there are different types of training programs for each one of the flying goals.


When you are through with asking yourself all these questions, you will be able to select one of the academy. You will find different types of such schools available. Short list the schools and try to find out what kind of courses each of the schools offer. Go through the pamphlet carefully. However, do not rely on the words of the pamphlets only. Make sure to do some individual research.


You should visit each one of the schools in person and have a talk with the concerned person. Do not hesitate in asking questions. If you fail to understand what they are saying, make sure to ask. It will save you from future troubles. Inquire about the number of students. Some aviation schools provide individual instructor. Ask whether you will be getting one or not. Remember that to be safe is to be knowledgeable. Therefore, do not neglect the importance of enquiry before taking any decision.  



We are the owners of a renowned aviation academy in Kolkata. Our institute is one of the best among the reputed flying schools India.


Aviation flight training school helps to get your dream career in aviation

Are you looking for a career in aviation? Get ready to learn a lot of things; aviation is a broad field and it includes a lot of matters. People looking for a career in aviation must have multiple and some unique skill sets along with competencies in various fields. From piloting to flight mechanics, flight attendance and aircraft dispatch – a lot of programs are covered in aviation flight training courses.

Aviation flight schools offer courses to anybody who are interested to have a career in this industry and who have a passion for piloting. Training courses are available for those who are trying to start a career in the aviation industry and for those who are looking for a better position. People who are patient, adventurous in nature and have a passion for flying higher are suitable for any position in aviation. Apart from skill, interest and passion one should be medically fit for a position in commercial aviation.

It may look that a career in aviation is very glamorous and rewarding; but the job involves extensive traveling and long working hours even under pressure. When you seek admission in an aviation flight school for a particular program, you would be taught how to prepare for the pressure that the job would put on you. Career in aviation is rewarding but it demands a lot of things from you as well; people without proper aviation flight training might find it difficult to adjust with the job.

Without proper training under a recognized aviation flight school people cannot get the license to get a job in the industry. Especially those who are trying to become a pilot need proper training and commercial pilot license. However, some of the airlines take the employees through their own training program. This is done to give them a real industry exposure and to make them suitable for the position. Whether you are trying to become a pilot or a flight attendant or a staff, such training programs would help you learn a lot of things and prepare for a better career.

Aviation flight training programs that are meant for the pilots are generally regulated by the government of the country. Concerned authorities define the course structure and the flying hours required to get a license. However, the training programs meant for the flight attendants, airlines staff and flight dispatch are not much regulated.

Aviation flight training programs offered by the aviation flight school cover both classroom teaching of theory courses and flying. Three types of flying licenses are offered – commercial pilot license, private pilot license and flight instructor license. Based on the type of license, theory and practical classes change. One has to specify the type of license he or she intends to obtain; based on that they have to choose the right aviation flight training school and right course as well.

Any career in aviation requires a high level of hard work, dedication and commitment. Without proper training it is tough to get a career in aviation.

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Las Vegas Golf School

Enrolling in a Las Vegas golf school could put you just right in the medium of an amzing business that is developing very quickly. The number 1 golf course in the huge city opened 30 years ago at the Tropicana Golf Course, where the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino are now standing.


If you think that taking a golf vacation in this city sounds like fun, your only big remaining problem is trying to choose which one to attend. There are now many different schools and courses that are available to golfers of all skill levels and all abilities, and they all offer different perks, benefits ,advantages and best golf clubs.There are so many different advantages, in fact, that it might be difficult to choose one that you will spend your time and money on. There are now a whopping 60 golf courses in and around the city some of them are working courses, some of them are under construction and renovation and others are still on the design table. Many of the courses have been designed by different golf champions, professionals and even some celebrities. Jack Nicklaus, Fuzzy Zoeller, Chi Chi Rodrigues, Arnold Palmer and Johnny Miller are just some of the notables that have designed courses in and around the city.


The courses that your Las Vegas golf school will use are all developed and maintained by professionals to give students the ultimate experience and opportunity to learn.There are plenty of challenging and exciting courses in the area, some of the most popular being those that are slightly elevated to provide unique playing lines and angles. Many players prefer courses with interesting contours. Many also offer generous landing areas, strategic placement of trees and several water features. The angle of  Ping Golf Clubs is one that was designed by Arnold Palmer, where a lighted range, a lush green course and full service clubhouse facilities are available. Various lessons are available at this and other golf courses for players with all abilities from children just starting out to the experienced player who chooses taylormade r11 driver. Yes, thats right several Las Vegas golf schools offer special programs that are designed just for children.Make sure that you find a Las Vegas golf school that offers a very low teacher to student ratio. The fewer students that an instructor has to spend time with, the more personal attention each of those students will have to take advantage of. 


If you are stuck and need help finalizing your choice for a Las Vegas golf school, the Internet will provide you with plenty of information.