Xcmg Doosan Produce 50,000 Engines A Grand Project Started (figure).

Xugong Doosan Engine Business personnel and visitors took a picture

The hustle and bustle to produce brilliant

Xuzhou XCMG opening event of Doosan Engine Co., Ltd.

– Orgasm Xugong Doosan produce 50,000 engines a grand project foundation laying event was held in Xuzhou

4 16 morning, Doosan Engine Co., Ltd. Xuzhou Engineering event in Xuzhou Economic and Technological Advancement Zone, the website was held at the task site. Xuzhou City Celebration Secretary Cao Xinping, Mayor Zhang Jinghua, Deputy Mayor Li Jian, director of Qin Jingan Advancement, Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd. President South Korea-based high-sen, the Minister Li, Xu Wang Min, chairman of working group and other group leaders, Xugong Doosan provider representatives, along with significant news media existed and experienced the grand opening ceremony.

9:18, in the deafening sound of drums and the joyous sound of firecrackers, the official ceremony started. XCMG Doosan engine projects a yearly output of 50,000, is the Xuzhou Construction Equipment Group and South Korea’s Doosan Group’s very first handshake, the groundbreaking ceremony, representing the Xuzhou Construction Equipment Group and Doosan Group’s strong-strong collaborate to open Xugong Doosan Engine brand-new chapter.

Xuzhou XCMG Doosan Engine Co., Ltd. is South Korea’s ninth-largest company group by the Doosan Group and China Building Equipment Number one market, XCMG 50% of the joint venture moneyed companies, total investment 99 million U.S. dollars, the authorized capital of 68 million U.S. dollars. The joint endeavor is the very first China Building Machinery Industry engine joint endeavor, is a research and advancement, production, Offer As one of the professional producer of diesel motor. Project will change the present domestic production of building equipment manufacturer of high-powered engines all rely on imports of distress, enabling the domestic engine to a brand-new level.

Xugong Group Chairman Wang Min, stated, Doosan Engine Co., Ltd XCMG and combination of the Doosan Group, the advantage of both resources depends upon the Xuzhou Building and construction Machinery Group and Doosan Group’s brand name, to create a high-tech, high- efficiency, high value-added products from the differential advancement. We hope that the joint venture will be based on an early series of building and construction equipment Xugong to provide state-of-the-art, high-performance and extremely favored by customers of engine products to Xugong host, improve the grade and level of Xugong host, satisfy consumers Xu employees expectations and requirements. XCMG will continue to take care of and support the advancement of a joint venture with Doosan a joint endeavor of our products Doosan

join with our joint venture jobs and friendly Cooperation To a brand-new peak.

Doosan Infracore Co., South Korea-based high-sen president, said, Xugong Doosan Engine Factory in today’s groundbreaking event for the beginning point, to the end of the year plant building and equipment installation, in May 2011 began mass production of 6-8L Construction Machinery Engine. After the adoption of expanded production in 20,103 motor lorry diesel motor will have a thorough ability of the business in 2018 will be the next leap to end up being an annual output of 100,000 units the size of the truly international engine manufacturers.

Xuzhou Cao Xinping and Zhang Jinghua, secretary of the mayor on behalf of local federal government expressed congratulations on the groundbreaking event. He stated the Xugong Doosan produce 50,000 engines a considerable task under construction, implying that XCMG to “go out and the intro to” combine, Xuzhou Municipal Federal government will fully support Xugong Doosan Engine Limited development, Xuzhou financial development zone and the city wants to fully cooperate with the departments concerned to continue to promote the pro-business city, security, easing of tradition, faith perform all service work for the job to develop a favorable environment for development efforts to attain the Xuzhou city, the advancement zone and a win-win project unit.

Xugong Doosan’s development vision is “to construct 50,000 systems in 2013 production base”, “2018 to 10 million units in the big size of the engine producer leap forward”, the groundbreaking event marked the Doosan Engine Co., Xugong the business has formally cruising, loaded with expectations and wishes, Doosan Engine marched Xugong company pace, go higher, go further!

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Bairui An Electronic Industrial Base Started

September 17, 2009, Bo Ruian electronics industry base in a groundbreaking ceremony was held in the zone. As a digital TV industrial park and the BOE’s first eight-generation LCD project supporting the project, the base will be built for digital television products, BOE five generations of flat-panel display driver components, eight-generation high-definition television products to provide complete product line of core circuitry can be used to communicate , medical, automotive electronics and other high-tech product manufacturing and services. Gou Zhongwen, vice mayor of Beijing, Beijing Economic and Liang, deputy director of Information Commission, the Work Committee for Development Zone, Yang Lin, the CMC director Zhang Boxu attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Bairui An electronics industry base total planned area of 3.3 million square meters, the building of a total investment of 280 million yuan. The first phase is expected to be completed and commissioned in 2010. According to Bo Ruian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Chairman Young introduced the same hing, Bo Ruian with the BOE has been five years history of cooperation is the BOE’s main circuit partners. With the display of the expansion of BOE, Bo Ruian now has in place for 60 million LCD driver circuit board capabilities.

Zhang Boxu in his speech pointed out that the BOE Bairui An electronics industry base is the first of a number of supporting companies launched the construction of a project of great significance, in order to comprehensively promote the digital TV industry development and the eight-generation line of the building opened a good start. Want to seize the Beijing Bairui An industrial park development of digital television excellent opportunity to accelerate pace of the electronics industry base construction, speed up product development put into play an exemplary role as the digital TV industry chain in Beijing’s key enterprises.

Zhang Boxu said the zone will continue to deepen the digital TV industry park of the park planning and industrial planning and support from industry, technological innovation, human resources and financial sectors, to include Bo Ruian compatible with digital TV industry, including business and project location provide a full directional support, increase machine digital television programs and supporting efforts to attract the project, the digital TV industry to develop into a pillar industry and the Beijing Development Zone, a new economic growth point.

Gou Zhongwen pointed out that the building of Beijing Digital TV Industry Park is to promote the Beijing electronic information industrial optimization and upgrading of the important step. The construction of digital TV industrial park will attract enterprises to invest more than 50 billion yuan, the annual output value of the formation of nearly a thousand billion, providing more than 20,000 job opportunities. Bo Ruian must seize this opportunity to work closely with the BOE to conduct technological innovation and improve research and development capabilities, and continuously developed for BOE eight-generation line of products.

Gou Zhongwen affirmed the development zone to promote digital TV industrial park construction efforts. He said the establishment of a special development zone to promote co-ordination group of the digital TV industry park in a scientific and rational layout, and use a variety of policies to attract businesses into the area to attract foreign investors has made remarkable effectiveness. In the future, the development zone should continue to enhance the management level, for the development of digital TV industrial park to create a favorable external environment.

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Get Started on Your Dream of Flying an Aircraft by Using Remote Control Helicopters

People who once spent their childhood dreaming of one day flying an aircraft can now take up this hobby.  They can start with the easily affordable remote control helicopters.  One does not need to be a flight engineer, or a pilot to do this as children and adults alike are now turning to these fun stuff to get their thrills in life.  Anyone wondering why the sales of these gadgets are shooting up to the roof, this is the answer.  The hobby aircrafts come in all sizes to suit the needs of individuals.  In fact, some are small enough to be held by one hand, but there are also the larger sizes.  They can run on gas or nitro, and there are those that use electricity to recharge their batteries. 

The large, remote control helicopters that used to be run on nitro gas have modified parts that are now using electric powered motors.  The gas used to produce a nasty smell and noisy sound, but now the recent modifications have ensured that the aircraft can fly around the neighborhood without causing a nuisance to the neighbors.  There has been a lot of work going on towards reinventing these fun gadgets.  In fact, most of the original parts of the old names have improved to provide more convenience and greater maneuverability when flying these kits.

For example, the technology used in producing the radio controlled machines has adjustments to incorporate coaxial design that is suitable for beginners.  The modification provides for easy flying techniques.  The helicopter had become more stable than it used to be when it had one rotor design that consisted of a tail rotor.  The modification in the current remote control helicopters involves a coaxial firm rotor that has firm, pitch blades and one swash-plate. They control the cyclic pitch of the bottom rotor blade.  Then the rotor blade that takes its position on the upper side is not mechanically controllable.  It only stabilizes through inertia by using a set of counterweights, or a fly-bar.  This mechanism works perfectly by the fact that the overall pitch mechanism obtained on both rotors, on two different motors applied.  The result is the differential change of speed between the two motors. 

This design of remote control helicopters does away with the complexity that used to be a single swash-plate and no collective pitch style was in place.  The design is practical and suitable for the production of the machines on mass for commercial purposes.  Another advantage of using this system is for the relatively easier manner the product can be handled when in operation as the helicopter becomes easy to control.  The cons that have come up with this modification are several.  For example, this model with basic mechanical form of remote control helicopters has created a couple of limitations.  The limitations are in aerobatic ability and maneuverability due to greater risks of the blades colliding during stunts and difficult moves.  The pilot has no upper hand when trying to control the rotation of the upper blades as he can with the lower ones that are directly controllable by him.

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