Teach For Success – Why We Learn Poetry Part 2

Poetry is the soul’s music, and without it we might forget how to move to the rhythm of the universe. It is also the distillation of our perceptions of what we experience in our separate realities, and its expression is our creative, written attempt to share that reality with each other. You know, poetry is a very human thing to do, and we could say that poetry is where Man’s hand meets God’s creation on the written page.

As you move through any day in your life you have to acknowledge the utterly complete, and even incomprehensible, organization of the material plane in which we exist and live. The organization allows for our minds to achieve, and maintain, a sense of “reality.” Within those existential boundaries, regardless of who they were created by, we are able to construct our experiences via our awareness and memory. This organization, this set of rules that we all agree to by default (since we have no say in the matter), allows us to know love, hate, peace, war, chaos, calm, life and… death. These are the “stuff” that poems are about: life.

The authors, the poets, the creators of the poems, songs and musical stories we read and love use numerous rules, conventions and inventions that allow us, the readers, to share in their reality; their life experiences and understandings. So, in our study of poetry it is sometimes worthwhile studying these very same rules, conventions and inventions so that we may better understand the poet’s intent. In the final analysis, the study of these may even allow us to try our hand, no pun intended, with secretly creating a poem or two of our own. Wink, wink!

Just for starters there are rhyme, meter, rhythm, alliteration and word choice. And that’s just for starters. We can continue with figurative language, hyperbole, similies, metaphors and analogies. Still there are more, and oh yes, it is at this point that I can hear the students beginning to groan. You know – I have to agree with them. Poetry is NOT the methodology used to write the poem, and studying these takes away some of the magic.

Poetry is NOT meter. Poetry is NOT alliteration. Poetry is NOT rhyme. Poetry is NOT any one convention.

Poetry is an idea that the author wants to share with the reader. So, if students are groaning because we are simply going down the list of “poetic vocabulary” then we are doing them a great injustice. The authors certainly did not intend for that. Frankly, the authors couldn’t care less whether the students know how to define rhyme. They only care that they can hear it and enjoy it.

Instead, the focus should revert back to the author’s intent, and it is here that the lesson of poetry should begin and end. A search for understanding and truth in the author’s words. Now, during this process it may be worthwhile examining one or two of those aforementioned rules, conventions and inventions.

When teaching these conventions, it behooves the teacher to pick a poem that perfectly illustrates the rule or convention. For example, while studying Shakespeare I would probably go ahead and let them know it is a Sonnet; however, I would not allow this to detract from the meaning of the poem. I simply label the type of poem so that they may recognize it in the future. Sonnets use meter and rhyme to place emphasis on specific words or ideas within the poem. The construction of the Sonnet is a tool that Shakespeare used to help him single out words and phrases to help the reader understand the idea he was trying to communicate.

As teachers, one thing to keep in mind is that if a student is fairly proficient in reading they can, and will, “get” poetry. They don’t need to know what the rules or conventions are that they are reading. Rhyme happens when the poem is read whether the students know what rhyme is or not. So, while we teach poetry the last thing we want to do is add fuel to the fire for those students who do not like poetry. We don’t want to cause the “I hate poetry because it is too complex” syndrome. My experience has been that students who don’t like poetry are not very good readers. So, invariably, reading poetry is difficult for them.

Therefore, another consideration with poetry is the reading level of the student. Poems must be on par with the student’s reading level. This is especially true with poetry since in many cases the poem’s author relies on the reader to supply some of their own understanding, words or interpretation during the course of the reading.

To summarize, when you are sharing a poem with your students the key focus will be for the student to understand what the author is trying to communicate. What idea or experience are they trying to give life to in the reader’s mind? What is the poet’s intent? Of secondary focus, and not required with every poem, is the exposure to the various elements used by poets to construct and convey their message. Finally, use poems that are relevant to the student’s experiences and on par with their reading level. The more contemporary the language and ideas, the more understood the poem will be. Make sense?

Teach for success, and empower your students to think on their own.

R. Chris Wilkins

Factors Behind The Success Of British Airways

United Kingdom’s leading international airline, British Airways’, with routes to over 550 destinations, is known worldwide for its high standards and number of awards won. The success of British Airways could mostly be credited to its incessant addition of more long-haul international flights as well as the extension of its fleet not to mention the world class services offered. With the exception of that, the entire airline boasts of features that provide its passengers with unsurpassed comfort through value added services such as extended leg room for economy class travelers, extraordinary lounges and onboard catering with exclusive wine served. If you are an economy class traveler, no doubt, you can enjoy swanky service and comfort; however, if you are a business class traveler, you can get pleasure from the stylish, sophisticated and personal service of the highest level.

Additionally, other conveniences are provided for ease of check-in including telephone check-ins, valet services and also an online portal the official British Airways website that contains a wealth of information facilitating passengers to check British Airways Schedule, check personal bookings, get travel advice besides information on different destinations and even perform British Airways online booking. In fact, they have even implemented British Airways online booking service through e-ticketing method which endows passengers with the flexibility of checking in without the need of a physical ticket. Only passenger details such as proof of identification are obligatory to be produced during check-ins, as all other booking information gets stored in the systems.

So, check British Airways schedule to your desired destination right away and make your British Airways Online Booking today at its official website. You may alternatively visit a travel portal for the same too. The British Airways portal furthermore provides numerous other travel services such as hotel bookings, travel insurance purchase, car rentals, holiday purchases, etc. Although, all of these are not core businesses of the airline, they simply exist to complement the flight services. To sum up, all of these value-added services work together with immense customer support services, generating success for the famous airline.

Pardeep Gupta is an internationally known author who writes on British Airways, British Airways Schedule and British Airways Online Booking.

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The success of Boeing 787 Dreamliner in first test flight

It is wonderful that new 787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft made by Boeing has successfully overcome the first test flight which took off in Everett and landed in near Seattle. It was suspiring that this flight only lasted in three hours and landed in heavy rain.


After postponing in two and a half years because of some troubles, design problems inclusive, Dreamliner has officially appeared. It is expected to be one of the world’s most fuel-saving planes.


There are two pilots who are responsible for testing basic system consisting of the landing gear and flaps. Randy Neville, one of the pilots said that the plane has operated as they hoped. Besides that, this plane drew so much attention that there are hundreds of Boeing employees, industry guests and aircraft enthusiasts came and followed its take off and landing. Among, according to Rajesh Mirchandani, BBC correspondent, Dreamliner really remarked a crucial milestone in history page of Boeing. Right after this test flight, the Dreamliner will continue testing in nine months, with six planes flying around the clock.


The new passenger aircraft is actually outstanding because of lightweight design with carbon and titanium in material that can save both fuel and maintenance costs. Basing on the evaluation of Howard Wheeldon, a transport analyst with BGC Partners, this plane has created a revolution in aviation. It is an 80% composite material aircraft, with 35 tonnes of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, so it is a light aircraft – which means it burns less fuel. Not only, but its design helps plane fly with rapid speed in long distance without refueling. These features are only some factors that draw 840 orders from all over the globe though some have been withdrawn because of the delays.


Like Boeing, Airbus also has a lightweight airplane named A350 which is made from carbon-composite materials. Another craft of Airbus is A380 which is possible to carry larger numbers of passengers. However, it is a pity that A380 only can fly to airports that are equipped for the double-decker aircraft.


As a first all-new jet of Boeing since 1995, the project on a lightweight passenger aircraft was first revealed in July 2007. The innovativeness in the design of Dreamliner is a steep learning curve for Boeing. The company ventured into wide-ranging outsourcing and faced series of troubles that caused the delays of 787 project. For these troubles, we can mention to the shortages of parts and the difficulties of bringing together fuselage and wing structures from Japan, Italy and elsewhere in the US.


And up to now, this plane will have to pass many test programme. According to analysts, the Dreamliner has been invested more than $ 10 billion but it is impossible to know exactly how much profit the Dreamliner can bring to Boeing. It is recommended that Boeing will have some methods to compensate to customers for the late. It is expected that the first plane will be delivered to Japan’s All Nippon Airlines by the end of 2010.


It is reported that Airbus’s A400M military transport plane will carry out first test flight in Spain earlier this month.


I am a business reporter.

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Small Business Success Stories

These days, you can find many small business success stories that abound the internet and specialized magazines. In the current economy, many people open home based businesses that bring them great financial results. If you also want to open such a business, it is a great idea to keep on reading this article as it can guide you in finding out how to live a successful business story on your own.

Starting a Business

In order to start up a business, whether we talk about an online or offline activity, the first thing you should do is to find some great small business ideas. It is very important to have a few ideas as, if one of them is not working, you can easily choose an alternative. You also must have a good business plan, which should not be too complicated so that you can easily follow it. Of course, you have to work a lot, starting by planning business structure and ending by controlling your business outcomes.

Your business can easily become one of the modern entrepreneur success stories. For this, you have to make sure that your plan includes everything that relates to your new business, such as needed capital, equipment, number of employees, strategies and so on. Only by developing and respecting a perfect plan that can be effectively implemented, you are able to build a successful business.

It is Easier Than it Seems to be

Although these things might seem complicated to you, they actually are much simpler than you think. Moreover, you can build your home based business piece by piece, in your free time. But, remember that a successful business should ensure exceptional value to its clients. This thing will help you to become successful and avoid becoming a part of the small business failure stories.

Tips to Become Successful

Today, the most successful businesspersons are those individuals who present the right determination to defeat any obstacles. If you have a passion for success and business is the field you wish to conquer, then nothing can stop you. But, in order to succeed, you have to believe this thing with all your heart.

In addition, no matter what area of expertise you choose, you have to make sure that you can deliver the best results to your customers, as they are the ones who bring you the success you expect. This way, your first concern should be the satisfaction of your customers, which can be done by ensuring high quality products and services that are much superior to those offered by your competitors.

By applying these basic business principles, you have great chances to become one of the living small business success stories. Developing a business is not only about applying the right financial mechanisms and marketing strategies. It is mostly about passion, working hard and commitment, as all these elements can help you to keep on going no matter what. As a conclusion, in order to startup a successful business, you must have a genial idea, develop a good strategy, get the appropriate help, obtain the necessary skills, take action daily and remain faithful to your business prospects.

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Success Stories get you More Clients

Since you joined the coaching profession, you have probably tried every strategy there is to attract clients. You have searched and researched and used the best quotes and theories you could find to include in your message. Still, that was not enough to impress potential clients and to make them want to work with you.


The reason is actually quite simple. You can tell people whatever you want, use the best terms you can find in coaching books to show them how good you are and the results they can get, but if you don’t give them “the proof”, they will not come to you.


The “Proof”

Your clients want results and they need actual examples of your success. You have told them about the results and the benefits they will get, but you still have to prove it. This is where “proof” comes onto the scene. You can provide them with proof by talking about your own success or by telling them about your clients’ success stories.


By telling them a true life story, you connect with the right hemisphere of their brain. And then you get an emotional reaction. This is the point where your clients will start to buy.


Remember this: “People buy emotionally and justify their purchases logically “.


Think about the advertisements on TV. Most of them show what a product can do by giving real life examples. The same applies to you.  Present the product (yourself) by showing what you can do and the results you achieve.


You can always show your clients the possibilities they have.  You must show them what they can do and what they can get. And if you tell them the story of someone who had been in the same situation, who had had the same problem, and that person had obtained the result they were looking for, they will immediately say: “If he did it, I can do it too!”


Motivate and challenge!


The power of example is the best motivation ever! If you know how to present your story or other people’s stories, your clients will be motivated to come and work with you. Plus, the results you achieve with other clients are the best certification you can get.


Do not forget to use in your materials (products, programmes, brochures, etc.) testimonials from your clients who have succeeded thanks to your help. And if you don’t have any yet, try to write from your heart and tell your clients how your own experiences have lead you to the results you are now achieving.


Here are some points to remember when delivering the message to your clients:
1. A credible idea helps clients believe.
2. An emotional idea helps clients feel.
3. A good story helps clients act.


The story will definitely challenge your clients to take action. It will be much easier for you to persuade them and then to motivate them to get what they really want. Make sure they know you are there for them every step of the way, you will be their guide and support, but you will not be doing their work for them.


Do not be afraid if you are a beginner in coaching. I’m sure you already have some experience that you can share with your clients. They will be more than happy to know about your experience and get something out of it.

Now that you know a real life story can help you get more clients and help you develop a successful coaching business, go to my http://coachingandsuccess.com/ website and find out how to integrate your success stories into a powerful message for your clients.

Christine Marmoy is a professionally qualified coach who obtained her certification at the Institute of International Coaching in Geneva and also holds an MBA and has extensive experience in helping people world-wide to achieve their goals and find success.  Christine shows coaches, entrepreneurs or other professionals from all walks of life, how to transform their passion and experience into remarkable businesses.  She truly believes we all have the skills, strengths and resources within us to change our lives and can help us achieve a happier, more fulfilling and financially secure future.


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