Filipina Girls In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – How Do They Cope With Loneliness?

Filipina girls in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates cope with homesickness, loneliness and a lot of other factors that probably every Overseas Filipino Worker suffers from. This is because they are far away from their homeland and cannot go home anytime they want. It is not that they cannot afford to go home but one valid reason is that they are very far away from the Philippines, and secondly, it is not practical to go home anytime they want since it cost a lot. They would rather save the expense for the fare and give the money to her family back home.

Hundreds of jobs are offered to Filipina girls in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates or any Filipino in general. This is because aside from having to hire them at a very low cost they are noted to be very hard working and loyal to their employers. If you are not aware, these Filipinas leave the comfort of their homeland to go to other countries in search for higher paying jobs. This is so that they could extend more than enough financial help to their family back home.

Filipinos have a very social-oriented culture. They are very loyal to their family members and sometimes extend help if able even to the farthest degree of relatives. To them it is a sign of respect when they look back to their roots. Filipinos hold clan reunions just so they could learn about their roots and acquaint themselves with their farthest relative. They also love to host “Fiestas” and other religious related occasions as part of their culture but it is also an opportunity for them to socialize with fellow countrymen.

When they are abroad, they link themselves with Filipino community associations to have the sense of belongingness. This is also to keep their mind off from loneliness. During their free time they socialize with other Filipinas in the area and sort of adopt them as their second family, making it “a home away from home”. If they have suitors, they preoccupy themselves with this and sometime this inspires them to work even harder. Courting single, eligible Filipinas who are lonely and in the search for companionship might sound easy but actually it is not.

Filipinas who are working and living in other countries but, born and raised in the Philippines are mostly grounded with Filipino culture. Again, the reason they are abroad is because of their family, and every decision she has to make will affect them either directly or indirectly. This is something that she has to weigh and think over before she can even think of approving of your advances. She has to let her family know that she has a suitor even when they are not asking her. If ever she has approved your advances already, this is because her family has approved of it as well. Every decision though it may seem personal already will always involve the family back home. It is a sign of respect for her elders and fear of the Lord.

Filipinas are very religious people. Going to church weekly is a must to them because it gives them hope. They can fill their free time by going to church or spending time in solemnity in a not so busy part of the city.  These are just a few of the things that Filipina girls in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates do to cope up with loneliness.

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Will They One Day Have Gyms On Planes?

Planes will one day have gyms where you can work out and fly. But how long until that happens, and what makes you think that people will want to work out and get all sweaty before they get off a plane.

Aviation is changing. It is changing dramatically, and it will continue to change. There are designers who are considering a design called the A1700 that would 2400 seats. With so many people on a plane it makes sense to have a huge plane that has hundreds of different things to do, include perhaps a gym where people can work out. On such big planes you can expect that there would also be shower facilities so you would be fresh before you make your connecting flights from Los Angeles to Denpasar after a cross Pacific journey on a mega jet.

We’re looking a long way into the future, but in the last 100 years we went from not even being able to fly being able to fly at more than 1,000 miles an hour, with showers, bedrooms and conference rooms on jets. And that’s without looking into the many ways that people decide to customize their airline’s fleet of A380 jumbo jets. You won’t see a gym on flights from Rochester to Denveror on connecting flights from Denver to Vancouver but you should expect air travel to change significantly, and soon.

Gyms will ony be the start. On big planes you should also expect dining lounges where you can eat wherever you like, luxury showers and changing rooms. You can expect soundproofed rooms where parents can take their children, and sleeping rooms where you can catch a few hours kip. I can’t imagine that I’d want to use a gym while on a plane but for businessmen that make a lot of regular journeys, it could make sense.

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Search Engines How Do They Work?

At its simplest level, search engines do crawling of web pages and index them to their dynamic database to retrieve search queries. To do this task, search engines depend on a particular in-built tool called spider, which is used to follow links from one page to another, from one root to another. Spider is also referred to as Bot. For Google, it is known as GoogleBot.

When you submit your site to Google, you are basically requesting GoogleBot to crawl your page for the purpose of indexing. However, this is somewhat less superior than most of the human edited directories, since this type of automated indexing system depends on fully automated SERPs.

This is why even automated indexing system visits human edited directories in order to design their ranking algorithm. Just for an instance, Google is a regular visitor of DMoz directory.

Different Elements of Search Engines

Spiders / Bots

Spiders or Bots read the source code of the page which includes reading the tags, and analyzing the structure (inclusive of internal and external linking structure). However, you must understand that the algorithms followed by modern search engines are too smart, so you just can’t make them fool by designing codes for machines. But they read the way a user reads a page.

Data Centers

This is the database of the search engines where data / instances of web pages are stored and retrieved depending on particular search queries.


Indexer is the ordering system which defines how search engines list information on the basis of particular on page and off page elements such as tags, internal linking, back linking, other types of page formatting, etc.


This is a complex mathematical calculation that determines the weight of a website, precisely a page. It depends on a wide variety of factors and no one knows the exact algorithm of search engines. And it is also dynamic in nature as search engines constantly modify it in order to fight off spam.

User Interface

This is the visible element of search engines. Quite obviously, the user interface of search engines must contain search box where users can insert their search queries and press hit. Once the hit button is pressed, search engines retrieve results depending on the search queries.

Relevancy of Search Results Explained

Search engines depending on crawler based mechanism may retrieve non-relevant data sometimes, though today’s’ search engines are much smarter than their ancestors. So the possibilities of relevancy are much accurate than the olden days. Human edited directories retrieve more accurate results as human intervention cannot really be substituted by automation.

Search engine bots analyze specific content of a page and match them to the search query to retrieve results. However, search engines these days put a greater emphasis over off-page factors, which are usually difficult to influence by the webmasters, in order to do the ranking of the pages. This is also referred to as link popularity and lead to more accuracy and relevancy.

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