Understanding Urdu Poetry

Urdu has always been considered as the sweetest among languages. It’s the language that invokes myriad emotions, and hence the preferred choice of poets and linguists. Urdu Shayari is an important part of Pakistani culture, with a number of poets to its credit who have colored the language with their memorable verses. Connoisseurs of the language express their love for Sher-o-Shayri and Urdu through mushairas, or poetic expositions, where Urdu poets recite their works to the applause of public who generally applaud them through “Vah-Vah’s”, a traditional way of praising the poets work.

It’s not only Shayari but also Kahani Urdu that has many patrons. Common among the different types of Shayari include Masnavi, Marsia, Qasida, Ghazal, Madah, Fard and many more. Masnavi is a classical form of Sher-o-Shayri, that’s classified under Nazm. These are long and descriptive poems that narrate a common theme. Poets generally use these to write about romance, religion and social issues.

Marsiya on the other hand is a poem that’s written to salute and appreciate the great men of Islam. Usually these poems focus on the great battle fought by Hazrat Imam Husain and his supporters, fought on the plains of Karbala. These poems are usually written to mourn.

Ghazal is probably the most popular of all forms of Sher-o-Shayari. This is the most difficult to write as well. Romance is usually discussed through Ghazals. It literally means a conversation with the beloved. The word is derived from the Arabic word Ghizaal or gazelle. These poems are usually written in a minimum verse of 5 and maximum of 25, with each verse having a complete meaning, that doesn’t lose its individuality when read separately.

However, youngsters today, no longer are interested to spend time on elaborate settings in these mushairas. They prefer to share their love for Sher-o-shayri through Urdu forum’s that are available on Pakistani chat rooms. These forums are a common meeting point for lovers of the language to discuss their love for the language and Sher-o-Shayri. Besides Urdu poetry and Kahani Urdu, these forums also provide a common meeting point for likeminded Pakistani s all over the world where myriad issues like religion, science, literature and many more subjects are discussed.

These forums also conduct online mushairas, on regular basis where people are invited to recite their creation. Besides providing a platform for Urdu lovers to expose their talent these forms are also used to highlight works of major Urdu poets like Ghalib, Mir Taki Mir, etc. It’s not only the Pakistanis, but Urdu lovers all over the world who are attracted to these forums.

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Understanding the Different Types of Used Car Engines

The engine is an essential part of any type of vehicle on the road. There are different types of car engines used for various types of vehicles, each suited to the specification of the car that uses them. These different types of engine are based on several elements such as fuel type, cylinder arrangement, number of cylinders, ignition, and cooling.

Fuel Type Most car engines run using two main types of fuel: gasoline and diesel. The former type is produced from crude oil with heavier grades and generates less energy by volume. The latter, is distilled from petroleum and other sources such as vegetable or animal fat. If you are an advocate of the environment, you may opt for diesel as it emits less carbon. There are cars, however, that have engines running on electricity, natural gas, ethanol, methanol, propane, and hydrogen.

Cylinder Arrangement When it comes to cylinder arrangement, your car engine can have either an inline or “V” arrangement. Inline engines can be easily identified by its cylinders arranged in vertical row. The cylinders are placed on a single crankshaft, an arrangement common in trucks. The “V” arrangement, conversely, are composed of two banks of cylinders forming a “V” shape. Such type of arrangement can be found on most passenger vehicles.

Number of Cylinders Car engines can have three to twelve cylinders indicated by the number of spark plug wires. The basic rule of thumb when it comes to the number of cylinders is that, the greater the number of cylinders, the more powerful the engine. Engines with “V” cylinder arrangements in used cars Edmonton dealers have in their array have six to eight cylinders.

Ignition The engine of brand new and used cars Edmonton locals own may also be classified according to ignition. This refers to the manner in which the fuel is ignited inside the engine. The fuel can either be spark-ignited which is common in gasoline engines or compression-ignited, a main characteristic of diesel engines. Engines with spark-ignition systems are more preferred, probably because these engines can work with various bio-fuels.

Cooling Because all engines generate heat, they must be cooled to prevent engine damage. Car engines can either be liquid-cooled or air-cooled. Liquid-cooled engines are composed of radiators and internal water jackets, while air-cooled engines use fans that blow air to dissipate heat. If you have concerns regarding the cooling system of your recently purchased car, you can consult used car dealerships Edmonton has. They are most likely going to recommend the best type of cooling for your car engine.

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Understanding Why Your Hard Drive Crashes

As the owner of Nerds of North Texas LLC, a computer repair company that offers Dallas and Fort Worth residents only the best in customer service, Marcel Gaudet explains that hard drive crashes are troublesome for a couple of reasons.

Most users may experience this type of frustration: Youre using your computer to type up some emails, but something just doesnt seem right. Your machine is making the odd clicking noises, which you dont remember ever hearing before. You try to ignore this strange behavior and carry on with what youve been doing, but the peculiar sounds are making you nervous. You log off, shut down your computer, and decide to walk away. The next day, you power your machine back on to resume your emailing session, only this time things even get worse. Instead of displaying your regular screen, your computer starts flashing the one message that no owner ever wants to see no operating system found.

If this type of thing has happened to you, then youre no doubt aware of how frustrating it can be to have to deal with a hard drive crash. For starters, without a hard drive, your computer simply cant function; so if you lose your hard drive, then until you replace it, your machine will be useless. In addition, your hard drive is the device that stores all of your computers data, from operating system files to personal documents that you created yourself. When your hard drive goes, so does all of your data unless youve managed to back it up elsewhere.

Factors Causing Hard Drives to Crash
Computer Virus: There are a number of factors that can destroy a hard drive, the first of which is none other than a computer virus. When a nasty computer virus gets onto your machine, it can overwrite parts of your hard drive, thereby causing your data to become corrupt. Although a virus wont be able to physically destroy your hard drive, it can wipe out all of the data being stored on it, thereby achieving a similar effect.

Poor Quality: Another reason for hard drive crashes is poor manufacturing quality. In my opinion, when it comes to purchasing a computer, you get what you pay for. And the cheaper your machine is, the cheaper its hard drive is likely to be.

Wear and Tear: The third common cause of hard drive crashes is simple wear and tear over time. All hard drives contain moving parts, which, after years of use, can stop functioning from a mechanical standpoint. Hard drives also have the potential to overheat, as they have spinning discs inside them that can generate heat and, under certain circumstances, cause too much of it for the hard drive to bear.

User Abuse: One final reason for hard drive crashes has to do with user abuse. When a person drops his computer, the shock can cause the discs inside a hard drive to get thrown off kilter, resulting in a breakdown.

Measures Preventing Hard Drives from Crashing
If your hard drive is constructed poorly, then there may not be much that you can do to stop it from eventually breaking. On the other hand, you can certainly do your part to address some of the other common causes of hard drive failure.

From Your Side: By installing antivirus software, avoiding illicit websites, and pledging to never open an email attachment from an unknown source, you can do your part to prevent computer viruses, which, in turn, will help keep your hard drive safe. In addition, by being cautious when handling your machine, you can avoid dropping it and shocking your hard drive into oblivion.

From a Mechanical Standpoint: You can prolong the life of your hard drive by turning your computer off at night before you go to bed. Most people tend to leave their computers running at all times, but by doing so, youll only be causing those moving parts inside your hard drive to work unnecessarily. After all, unless you have a habit of pointing and clicking in your sleep, theres no sense in leaving your computer on during those overnight hours.

In fact, the tricky thing about hard drives is that sometimes, no matter how hard you try to preserve yours, it can still end up crashing. That is why I recommend that you back up your data before your hard drive starts failing out of nowhere. Remember, if your hard drive crashes and your data isnt backed up, then recovering it can become a costly, time-consuming endeavor; and while your hard drive isnt necessarily doomed to crash, if youre looking to hang onto your data, then its best not to take any chances.

Marcel Gaudet is a writer for Yodle ,, a business directory and online advertising company. Find a computer repair company or more computer articles at Yodle Consumer Guide.

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Understanding The Golf Swing Plane And Swing Path

In golf, knowing where the club head is throughout the golf swing is imperative if you wish to perform at a high level. Keeping your golf club along the proper swing plane is, in my opinion, the most important aspect in the entire golf swing. I truly believe that you cannot produce an errant shot if your club head contacts the back of the golf ball while on the correct inside swing path. Of course it would greatly help if you are implementing the correct fundamentals and swinging with a smooth and consistent tempo as well.

What is the swing plane? The golf swing plane is the imaginary line drawn from the golf ball through the right handed golfers right shoulder at address; and another imaginary line drawn from the golf ball up the shaft of the club in use, and through the right hand golfers body.

What is your Swing Path? The swing path is the circular route that the club head travels around the golfers body during the backswing and downswing. The ideal is for the golf club to travel back down on the same swing plane that was formed at address by the shaft angle. Thus on the down swing the golfer would return the club head to virtually the exact position it was at address: squarely to the back of the golf ball.

Your game would be all the better if you would just concentrate more on the swing path and swing plane rather than on the swing mechanics of levels, right elbow position, club head lag, leading with the hips, etc. This is not to suggest that all other aspects of the golf swing should be ignored. On the contrary, you must aspire to perfecting the fundamentals of a sound golf swing: Grip; Posture Stance and Alignment; Waggle,Tempo and Target Visualization. But after you have your fundamentals grooved in, focusing in on a smooth flowing, on plane golf swing is all that youll need to do to improve your game and your ball striking dramatically.

Nothing takes the place of correct practice on the range to drum in the muscle memory of an effective on plane swing. And youd be well advised to get the keen eyes of a golf teaching professional to monitor your motions and give you valuable advice.

But if you really would like to accelerate your learning curve, by getting feedback on what the proper swing plane feels like, then get yourself a swing trainer. Practicing on a quality golf swing trainer will produce the fastest and most beneficial improvements to your game. There are many golf swing plane training aid devices on the market and at a wide range of price points.

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