Using Songs in the French Classroom

Songs in the French classroom can be powerful learning tools. For students, they provide an easy, natural way to learn new words and phrases. The melody provides a way to recall words easily and, of course, the entire experience of learning a song is more memorable than is learning stale, rote exercises from a book. Instructors can use the material learned in songs in creative ways to help students reinforce what has been learned and to make sure that the new material is understood in addition to being memorized.

After students learn French songs, they can be quizzed on the content of those songs. In many cases, songs will use slightly different phrasings for common thoughts and ideas compared to what would be used in a book. These provide a way for students to learn how the language is spoken naturally and they can be quizzed on those items to help them hang onto that new knowledge for the long term. You’ll find that students can more readily recall material they learned along with a melody than they can other materials. Incorporating stories into the lessons can also be very helpful.

Stories provide a great way to learn French fast. When reviewing the material, rather than just asking how to say this or that, instructors can ask about specific parts of the story. For instance, you might ask students what happened to one character at the end of the story or what two of the characters were talking about during a specific scene. When you replay the story, students who didn’t catch what was going on the first time around will naturally work toward comprehending the action on the second listen and will quickly find themselves understanding more and more.

Teaching students to listen and learn French with a story or a song makes learning a language enjoyable. The technique works equally well for adults. As they hear the language spoken over and over, its rhythmus and structure will become apparent to the students without needing to teach them about it in the abstract. Native speakers can make a language come alive and their inflection and tone of voice can add a lot to a student’s understanding of a language. The reward for the student is eventually completely comprehending every word of the story, an important step toward attaining true fluency in the language.

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Memorial Service Poetry: Saying Goodbye Using Poetry

Death is not an easy subject for anyone to discuss or cope with. Often your emotions are so stirred up that it can be very difficult to come up with words of condolence for those that need them. Sometime you find yourself not saying anything at all and that can be even worse than saying the wrong thing. Poems can be the perfect way to get across what you want to say. Memorial service poems can actually put everyone more at ease during a funeral or memorial service.

Grieving family and friends want others to remember their loved one’s life and acknowledge them. Seeing a life celebrated and hearing words of sympathy and celebration from others often helps them move through their own grief journey. The right memorial service poetry can really set the mood for the whole ceremony. Written words can be much more effective than spoken condolences at reaching a grieving person’s heart. Simple and soothing words acknowledging a loss, accompanied by a meaningful sympathy or condolence poem can touch a heart like nothing else can.

Having a memorial poem or poetry to look back upon can really be an emotional strengthener. A poem can be about the life of the one who has passed or just kind words. The memorial poem could be about an event in the loved one’s life or just loving words of a close friend. Often these mementos are kept for many years, framed for the family or left at the gravesite as a reminder of the deceased.

There are numerous memorial service, condolence and sympathy poems written and easily available. Poems ranging from heartfelt and sad to lighthearted and even funny have been written by amateur and professional poetry writers to put words to the feelings that are expressed after someone has died. If you are asked to speak at a memorial or funeral service and are having a difficult time writing down how this loss has made you or the family feel, consider including a poem in your tribute.

To add a poem to your eulogy or condolence letter, first you must consider who the person was and what they would have appreciated or enjoyed read. If the person who passed enjoyed the outdoors, maybe a memorial poem with colorful forest or nature-like imagery would speak to the audience, and properly pay tribute to the lost loved one. If the deceased was a practical joker or light-hearted individual, maybe a poem that incorporates a bit of humor would remind their family of what a happy spirit that individual was.

Look at your local bookstore for poetry books that have memorial or condolence poems included or search online for posted poetry. Poems can range in topics and styles – flowery or overly-dramatic poetry is not the only option available. Many families and friends choose to write their own poems or essays about the deceased to have read at memorial services or posted on online memorial sites. This is a great way for those that are able to express their feelings on paper to do so and share those words to help heal the grief experienced by other family members as well.

Using poetry to help with grief, to express love or pain and to memorialize a friend or family member is very powerful and will be appreciated by others who have experienced a loss.

~ Ben Anton, 2008

Memorial Service Poems – Read about honoring a loved one at a memorial service on the Valley of Life website. The website also provides a safe and free online memorial service where you can celebrate your loved one’s life.

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Using The Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies

When searching for the cheapest auto insurance companies, there are various considerations that you will need to be aware of. Never sign a contract until you are clear that you have found the best deal in terms of cost and features. Fortunately, choosing an insurer has become easier over the last few years thanks to the information available through the net. Now when your policy is up for renewal you can go online from the comfort of your own home, as opposed to spending an afternoon visiting various brokers in person.

If you were to agree to the terms and conditions of the first insurer you deal with, it is unlikely that you will be given the best deal that is currently available. If you want to save yourself hundreds of dollars from the annual cost of the policy, you will need to contact between five and ten different firms.

A quick search online should provide you with the details of a number of low cost insurers. When you believe you have identified a plan that is right for your needs and your budget, take a moment to check out the history and background of the company.

There would be no use in signing up for a new premium only to find out at a later date that the company is less than willing to pay out if you make a claim. This would be an incredibly frustrating situation and one that can be done away with by discovering how other consumers feel about the insurers. There are plenty of online resources that should allow you to have a clear picture on whether or not the company fulfils their obligations.

Customer service is another area than can often be lacking if you were to opt for the cheapest provider. For this reason, it can be useful to discuss your needs in person over the phone with an agent, as opposed to doing all your correspondence online. If the agent seems unfriendly, and not so forthcoming with information, take your money elsewhere.

Be slightly cautious if you come across insurance firms that you have never heard of before, and especially if they only operate online. Choosing an unknown or unproven company is a risky activity and one that may not place you in a good position should you need to make a claim. It is preferable to sign up with a broker that has been in the trade for at least three years, as they should be able to provide a service that is acceptable.

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Get Started on Your Dream of Flying an Aircraft by Using Remote Control Helicopters

People who once spent their childhood dreaming of one day flying an aircraft can now take up this hobby.  They can start with the easily affordable remote control helicopters.  One does not need to be a flight engineer, or a pilot to do this as children and adults alike are now turning to these fun stuff to get their thrills in life.  Anyone wondering why the sales of these gadgets are shooting up to the roof, this is the answer.  The hobby aircrafts come in all sizes to suit the needs of individuals.  In fact, some are small enough to be held by one hand, but there are also the larger sizes.  They can run on gas or nitro, and there are those that use electricity to recharge their batteries. 

The large, remote control helicopters that used to be run on nitro gas have modified parts that are now using electric powered motors.  The gas used to produce a nasty smell and noisy sound, but now the recent modifications have ensured that the aircraft can fly around the neighborhood without causing a nuisance to the neighbors.  There has been a lot of work going on towards reinventing these fun gadgets.  In fact, most of the original parts of the old names have improved to provide more convenience and greater maneuverability when flying these kits.

For example, the technology used in producing the radio controlled machines has adjustments to incorporate coaxial design that is suitable for beginners.  The modification provides for easy flying techniques.  The helicopter had become more stable than it used to be when it had one rotor design that consisted of a tail rotor.  The modification in the current remote control helicopters involves a coaxial firm rotor that has firm, pitch blades and one swash-plate. They control the cyclic pitch of the bottom rotor blade.  Then the rotor blade that takes its position on the upper side is not mechanically controllable.  It only stabilizes through inertia by using a set of counterweights, or a fly-bar.  This mechanism works perfectly by the fact that the overall pitch mechanism obtained on both rotors, on two different motors applied.  The result is the differential change of speed between the two motors. 

This design of remote control helicopters does away with the complexity that used to be a single swash-plate and no collective pitch style was in place.  The design is practical and suitable for the production of the machines on mass for commercial purposes.  Another advantage of using this system is for the relatively easier manner the product can be handled when in operation as the helicopter becomes easy to control.  The cons that have come up with this modification are several.  For example, this model with basic mechanical form of remote control helicopters has created a couple of limitations.  The limitations are in aerobatic ability and maneuverability due to greater risks of the blades colliding during stunts and difficult moves.  The pilot has no upper hand when trying to control the rotation of the upper blades as he can with the lower ones that are directly controllable by him.

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Using A Jet Broker to Buy Your Private Aircraft

You’ve stood in line for forty-five minutes only to see the airport security team shut down one of their lines and reroute everyone.  As you stand in your socks and stare down the barrel of the loaded gun of opportunity costs you consider the cost benefits of chartering or purchasing a private aircraft.  When you are on the go constantly, when you know the flight attendants by name, and have a favorite bar at the local airport it is time to consider the purchase of a private jet.  For companies with multiple executives on travel each week, the purchase of a jet becomes economical.

When purchasing a private jet you will need to review your requirements.  Does the amount of travel and employees in the air weekly justify the purchase of an entire jet aircraft, or would a fractional ownership situation be more suited to your corporate needs?  Have you considered a charter service?  These questions and more will be asked by jet brokers. 

It is the jet broker’s job to understand your needs prior to locating aircraft.  They will help you decide if your purchase is economical to your situation and provide recommendation as to your on the best course of action.  A good jet broker will not push you into a sale, but provide you with the information to decide whether or not you ought to purchase the aircraft to begin with.

Jet brokers will provide you with multiple options in crafts, as well as, bring in consultants to perform maintenance checks upon the aircraft chosen, appraise the craft for your lender or insurance agents, and work with your to ensure that your purchase is top value for your investment.  In short a broker does everything but sign the paperwork.

Companies like L&L International use the breadth of the contacts and expertise to find you the right aircraft for your budget and use.  They have access to planes that are not on the open market, so even if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on their website they may still be able to procure it for you.  Jet brokers will use their industry contacts to seek out a particular plane for your needs.

When purchasing your first jet aircraft do yourself a favor and find a jet broker with years of success stories behind them.

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